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Situated in the Akhal velayat region of Turkmenistan, Serakhs is the centre of the Serakhs trap. Moreover, the city is an urban community that lies in the heart of the Serakhs Oasis across the Tedjen upstream. The city is known to its locals as the oasis of architectural and historical monuments.

Location of the city

The city is among one of the most ancient cities of Central Asia. The history of the city dates back to the Eneolithic era that lasted in the fourth millennium BC.

The city witnessed the first settlements in the oasis territory.

Persian Invasions

Serakhs, once upon a time was a part of the Achaemenid Empire. Back then, the place surrounded by hills and barrows was ground to an ancient Persian fortress now left in ruins.

The city flourished before the Persian invasions.

In spite of the ferocious stand by the soldiers back then, Serakhs was destroyed after a massive battle.

Serakhs remained isolated and abandoned for the next hundred years.

The city rediscovered by the Takhirids reached to the zenith of success in the reign of the Seljukid dynasty’s regiment.

Mongol cultures

The city came to be known as one of the most important trade centres in Central Asia. The city is located at the junction of several important trade routes. However, the glory of the city began to decline exponentially with the Mongolian invasions. Serakhs was totally destroyed by the Mongols and is now left in ruins that are known as the ‘Old Serakhs’.

Ruins of the Yarty-Gumbez

The ruins of the Yarty-Gumbez or the “Half of the Dome” lies 7-8 km to the south-east from Serakhs. The mausoleum is judged as one of the best examples of Turkmen ancient architecture.

A whole lot of theories exist to explain the establishment of the huge mausoleum. However, the Turkmen believe that the mausoleum stands to preserve the burial ground of Muhammad Khanalja.

Abu-Fazl Mausoleum

Built in 1024, the Abu-Fazl Mausoleum is worth appreciation located in the southern part of Turkmenistan. The Abu-Fazl Mausoleum which is also known as the Serakhs-Baba by the locals has a total built-up area of 15,4 x15,4 sq. km and is constructed in a square shape.

The dome and the building are adorned with marble inscriptions from the writings of the Quran.

Mele Kheyran

The ancient little settlement located 15 km away from the modern Serakh city, Mele Kheyran revealed the Zoroastrian temple of fire in the area.

In the present date, all that remains is 7m high barrow of whose the lower part directs to a huge altar that lies in the hub of the temple complex.

Serakhs is the cradle of historical sites in Turkmenistan. Call us or visit our website to book your tour to the ancient city of Serakhs and to Turkmenistan now!


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