Serhetabat travel guide

The Turkmenistan sight is a little town which was established as a central outstation of the Russian Empire, located in the Mary Province against Afghanistan in 1890.

The sights that attract the attention of tourist in Serhetabat are the vineyard and also the cotton production.


It is considered as one of the major sights of Turkmenistan near Serhetabat, and is one of the most antiquated settlements in the country and a classical reserve. Many years back Abiverd was a wealthy fortress city with fertile lands and extensive markets.

Districts of craftsmen producing the excellent examples of pottery are also found. Many hand-made jewellery and metal objects are also revealed by the Archaeological Excavations.

It also caused disputes among Arabian caliphs due to its prosperity and significance. Later, All disputes were solved by the eldest descendant of Genghis-khan – Tulikhan by whom the town was destroyed completely. Also, modern Abiverd is a little town with traces of ancient buildings here and there.


Another Turkmenistan sight which fascinates the tourists are the surroundings of Serhetabat which is Altyn-Depe or ‘’Turkmen Stonehenge”. It’s an establishment of the Bronze Age located in the southwestern part of the country. In Central Asia along with thousands of citizens, Altyn-Depe was a large centre of civilization.

Similar to ancient Babylon, the place also reminds of the settlement of the ancients architectural models . Also in Altyn-Depe craftsmanship was highly developed.

Finest examples of local casters: gold and silver jewellery, necklaces, and rings were also revealed by the archaeological excavations.

Serkhetabad city

Situated in the south of Mary velayat of Turkmenistan on the Kushka River is the Serkhetabad city. Amounting to the population of about 15,000 people, Serkhetabad was given the status of a city in 1967, gaining its official name in 1992. Not lying far from the Mary-Kandahar route.


A frontier fortress Kushka which was built by Russian soldiers in 1890 was located in the place of the modern city. which was a boundary outpost, whose major purpose was to protect the remote borders of the Russian Empire from Afghani tribes.

It should be taken into account, that the Kushka Fortress was considered as the extreme point of the Russian Empire, which was commemorated with a 10-m high cross placed in the fortress in honour of 300-anniversary of the House of Romanov.

The Kushka Fortress was constructed on the bank of the river with the same name which was not a coincidence. Along with an important strategic role, The river valley was suitable for farming, so soon next to the fortress, a settlement appeared which was transformed into a city within a century.

The fortress occupied a large territory in the middle of the valley. The fortress was surrounded by permanent defences which further transformed into a small military city by the beginning of the XX century.

If you’re not about wine and cotton industry, the town is surrounded by approximately 200 architectural and historical monuments. Explore the city and know a lot more. Call us or visit our website to book your tour to Serhetabat now!


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