Charvak travel guide

Charvak is an artificial lake located near the foothills of Tian Shan mountain range.It is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of Tashkent especially for people searching for recreational options. It is constructed by obstructing the flow path of Chirchiq River where many reservoirs have now been constructed. Charvak is located on the uppermost part of other reservoirs and is the biggest of them all.

Construction Of Charvak Reservoir

It is said that necessity is the mother of creation and it cannot get more truer in the case of Charvak. The construction of this artificial dam began in 1964 when the need was felt for low-cost environment friendly electricity which led to the creation of Charvak hydropower. The dam was completed in 1970 damming the Chirchiq River which since then is functioning and providing electricity to the surrounding areas.

Charvak Reservoir Tourism

Located just 60 Km from the city of Tashkent, it is one of the hot favorite recreational getaway for local people who like to flock to this place with their family and friends every weekend. It also attracts people from neighboring countries and tourists coming to Uzbekistan from far away land like USA or Australia who visit this place along with their tour in Tashkent. The shoreline of the reservoir is almost 100 Km, capable of accommodating any number of tourists and still left with many stretches.The clear-turquoise colored water fed by Chirchiq River, grassland plains, and picturesque landscape makes this an excellent picnicking spot. Besides that people also visit this place to trek the mountains and go on a hiking. Cycling, biking, and boating, paragliding, skiingis also growing in prominence with development in infrastructure and safety.

Bagistan Village

Another interesting sight of Charvak Reservoir is the Bagistan village which is the birthplace of two notable persons in Uzbekistan: Sheikh Khovendi at-Tahur (Shaykhantaur), and his relative UbaydullaAkhror who both were prominent Sufi leaders known for spreading Sufism. The village also is the burial place of Sheikh Khodja Umar. Thus because of the above, it is one of the most holy places of Tashkent province.

Uzbekistan which generally evokes images of ancient architectural monuments flanking the Silk Road route, this place breaks the generalization and proves that Uzbekistan is also gifted with natural scenic beauty which are easily comparable to the likes of Switzerland, France, Croatia and other European Countries.


Tours to Charvak

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