Meybod is a historic city located in Yazd Province, central Iran. It is situated approximately 45 kilometers north of the city of Yazd. Meybod is known for its rich cultural heritage, ancient monuments, and traditional crafts.

One of the notable attractions in Meybod is the Narin Castle, also known as the Meybod Castle or Shah Abbasi Caravanserai. It is an impressive mud-brick fortress that dates back to the Sassanid era (3rd to 7th centuries) and served as a defensive structure. The castle offers a glimpse into the architectural prowess of ancient Persia.

Another significant site in Meybod is the Pigeon Tower, locally called “Kabootar Khaneh.” These unique structures were used to house pigeons, which provided valuable fertilizer for agricultural purposes. The Pigeon Towers of Meybod are examples of traditional Persian architecture and can be found throughout the city.

The Chapar Khaneh, or Postal Caravanserai, is a historical structure in Meybod that served as a postal station during the Safavid era. It played a crucial role in facilitating communication and transportation along the Silk Road.

Meybod is also known for its traditional crafts and industries. The city is renowned for its high-quality silk weaving, and visitors can explore the workshops and stores where silk fabrics and carpets are produced. Meybod is also famous for its pottery, and the city's ceramics are highly regarded.

Additionally, the city is home to the Shah Abbasi Caravanserai, which now serves as a traditional guesthouse for visitors. It offers a unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere of an ancient caravanserai while staying overnight.

Meybod's climate is arid, with hot summers and cool winters. Like other cities in the region, spring and autumn are generally considered the most pleasant seasons to visit.


Tours to Meybod

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