Aral Sea Tour By Plane

Aral is situated, in Western Kazakhstan near the Aral Sea. It is an anterior fishing village. The story is honored, by a wall painting in the Aral train station. Mainly tourists from different places come here to visit ship graveyards.

A full day trip to Moynaq, a former fishing community on the Aral Sea when water of the sea is at its normal level. Here you will see the corroding remains of boats stuck in the sand where the sea used to be before its tragic shrinking in size.

Then visit the extraordinary Aralsk’s museum which is situated in, Tokey Esetov Street. Also visit the old port, a memorial to four ships, local market, and the city square.

At the afternoon drive to Kombash lake via Aralkum and Kombash villages. Stop and take a view of the lake.

Then continue withBogen village (68km, 1h). After arriving in Bogen village, Take a walk around the village and visit the local mosque, some of the religious place and schools in the village.

After visiting the mosque and schools you must go to the Karateren village and visit Aklak hydro unit on Syr-Darya river. After all the sightseeing in Karateren village, visitKyzylorda via Karateren, Bogen, Amanotkel, Kazalinsk villages, Baikonur town and Shagan village (572km). Then visit Korkyt-Ata architectural complex.

Trying to get to the Aral Sea there without any guidance and directions would not be a wise thing to do, because there is no real road and no road signs.

The Aral Sea trip allows each traveler to feel the madness and wonders of nature, take a look at the human power in the architectural monuments of Karakalpak Stan and all the paintings kept in Savitsky Museum.

The landscape of Aral Sea is interesting, especially bearing in mind that you are walking on what used to be the bottom of the sea. You will find a lot of seashells and dry sea plants everywhere on the ground. The places around are hilly and plain, as it is a desert place. But it is beautiful to see.

The disappearing Aral Sea with the graveyard of broken ships, deserted settlements of fishermen, tombs of old Massaget tribes, over 1000 archaeological monuments and mirages in the steppe Trying to get to the Aral Sea.

The old harbor is located, just outside the hotel and it is possible to walk out to abandoned ships on the dry seabed from there.

If you love road trips, then it is a very good place for that, Jeep tours can be booked, and in an hour you can reach a ship cemetery on the Aral Sea at Zhalanash. Call us/visit us/contact us to book your Aral Sea Tour by Plane.

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