Astana Lay Over Tour

Astana became the capital city of Kazakhstan in the year 1997. Earlier the title belonged to Almaty. After the change, it has gone through a rapid development transforming into a future mega polis with modern and cosmic architecture. This place is full of many fascinating sights, which has improved tourist infrastructure and is now known as “green” technology and “green” city planning.

If you want to traverse Kazakhstan and have some free time, then take Astana layover tour to explore the numerous attractive and impressive sights of the capital.

If you want to make your trip unforgettable, then Independence Square, will be the best starting point of your tour. The Square is beautiful, and you can take a nice walk along fountains and monuments where you will get the first glimpse of values and culture of Kazakh people. The tour consists of many panoramic views of Astana riverside. The Square, is circled by various landmarks located not far from one another and you will be able to visit them in a few hours.

The monument “Qazaq Eli” (Kazakh land) is also there embodying the stela with mythic bird Samruk symbolizing freedom, prosperity, strength, and development.

There is Palace of Peace and Reconciliation built in the shape of the pyramid based on the project of famous architect Norman Foster, National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the mosque of Hazrat-Sultan and National University of arts “Shabyt.”

“Astana-Bayterek” –It is a unique metallic structure,105 meters high and 100 tonnes in weight crowned with a ball weighing 300 tonnes made up of glass “chameleon” that changes color reflecting the sunlight.

Round Square, as well as Vodno-Zeleniy Boulevard, are great places for rest. It also has an impressive collection of monuments: 12 in total. There you can see many fountains, neither of which resembles each other. There are only a few restaurants where you can try dishes of Kazakh cuisine during your small excursion in Astana. All these monuments are committed to different historical and cultural figures of Kazakhstan.

Astana layover guide is incomplete without mentioning the food that is not limited to traditional Baursaks, Beshbarmak, and Kuwirdak.

End your trip by shopping at Khan-Shatyr entertainment. Khan-Shatyr is an astounding construction in the form of the oriental marquee. It is the biggest shopping mall in entire Central Asia.

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