Astana Sightseeing Tour

The newest capital cityAstana has a lot to offer starting from altar modern architecture to mouth-watering traditional Kazakh foods. The diversify culture ha blend in such a way that attracts tourists to have a taste of this futuristic city.

Over the last 20 years the metropolis has been jam-packed with extraordinary architecture and huge apartment blocks to become an upcoming world most developed city. If you’re travelling to Kazakhstan, you be visiting Almaty but the new capital city is definitely a fascinating stop that you can add to your travel list.

Things You Need To Know About Astana:

Population: 800,000

Currency: Tenge (about 330 to €1)

Language: Kazakh and Russian, very less English spoken

Top Astana Sightseeing Options:

Witness themesmerising architecture of the capital of KAZAKHSTAN, the wacky architectures featuring as lollipops, beer cans and dog bowls-shaped buildings.

Know Before You Go:

The Pyramid of Peace and Accord also known as Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation is a 77-metre-high pyramid in Astana mostly known as an event venue. This exemplary pyramid from of architecture famed by British architect Norman Foster designed to signify all of the world’s religious beliefs.

Why This Iconic Pyramid Is A Tourist Attraction?

The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation is one of the world’s most impressive pyramid designs maybe second, to the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Representing all of the world’s religious faiths, the Palace lines up educational facilities, it is a national centre of attraction for Kazakhstan’s numerous geographical and ethnic groups, and a 1,500-seat opera house.

Khan Shatyr

The new Kazakh capital city of Astana is full of amazing pieces of modern architecture; Khan Shatyr is the crowning charm that someone must visit. A gigantic transparent tent, 150 m high and covering 140,000 m², which has been decisively built to give the population of Astana a relief from the extreme winter climate of Northern Kazakhstan

Inside the huge structure there are a numbers of entertainment options available such asmini golf course,shopping centre, park, small boating river, and even an indoor beach resort.

The Presidential Palace

The residence of the country’s leader is a must visit Sight for visitors. The application of latest rich architect design and beautiful light with Morden technologies is definitely an eye catching spot that someone should never miss.

Golden Towers

People call them “beer cans”. Explores should never miss this wacky architecture of Astana

Bayterek Tower

A contemporary tower, representing the fairy tale of a golden egg on top of the tree of life.This is a blend of both old and modern intriguing art to both Kazakhs and visitors, who are invited to travel to the top of the tower and see views of the city from an observation deck inside its golden dome. This amazing master piece not only offersan unique tourist attraction, but also yet another means of symbolism. As visitors travel inside the “egg” of happiness they are able to see the modern world from that iconic place.

Nur-Astana Mosque:

The third largest mosque in Central Asia that can fit up to 5.000 worshipers.

When you visit Astana you will most likely be around to the part of the city between the Presidential Palace and Khan Shatyr shopping mall and between Dostyq and DinmukhamedQuonayev streets. That’s where you can find all the top Astana Sightseeing options. You just simply need to travel from one side of the city to another, in a straight line where you can find everything.

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