Almaty City Tour


Almaty City Tour along the streets and avenues will give you a wonderful experience and opportunity to know more about this magnificent city closer. We have mentioned the top things to do while you choose for a city tour where you can explore its most popular Monuments, Statues and parks

Here Are Most Interesting Facts About The Almaty City Tour


Almaty City Tours are available daily from April to November, so preferably in the day time if you start a short ride in the car of Almaty subway you can cover many of its attraction.

Things You Can Explore While City Tour In Almaty:

Monuments & Statues in Almaty‎:

Monuments & Statues in Almaty‎ that you should never miss while you chose to go around the city. All of them symbolise the culture of khazakasthan.

  • Monuments & Statues in Almaty
  • Monument to ZhambylZhabayev
  • Glory Memorial
  • Monument to RaiymbekBatyr
  • Monument to RaiymbekBatyr
  • Monument Bust to Ivan Panfilov
  • Monument to ManshukMametova and AliyaMoldagulova
  • Monument to AbaiQunanbaiuli
  • Monument Bust to JambylJabayev

Museums in Almaty‎:

You can include few of the museums in your bucket of travel list when you are choosing to go for a city tour. All the museum exhibits with the unique material which symbolise and describe the spiritual and cultural history of this country. The collection includes dombras of poets,original manuscripts, ancient drawing, original skeleton of dinosaur and many more.

  • Museum of Folk Music Instruments named after Yihlasa
  • The Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Central State Museum of Kazakhstan
  • Archeology Museum
  • D. Kunayev’s House Museum
  • Museum of Interesting Science Experimentum
  • Museum of the History of Alma-Ata

The largest city Almaty has countless nature sites, most of them are perfect for hiking and eco-tourism. The city has five national parks and nature reserves near the city that we recommend you to visit.

  • Kolsai Lakes
  • Big Almaty Lake
  • Park Named After Panfilov’s 28 Guardsmen
  • Kok-Tobe Hill
  • First President’s Park
  • Lake Issyk
  • Altyn-Emel
  • AlmatinskiyTerrenkur
  • Eight Lakes Park Resort
  • The Botanical Garden
  • Kara Dala
  • Mud Dam at UrochishheMedeu

Architectural Buildings In Almaty

The city of Almaty has prominent examples of architecture, mainly from the 19th century period. These include characteristic designs in neo-Russian style from major architects. Throughout the 150-year-old history, the city saw construction of dozens of important monuments, architectural sites, museumsand so on. Almaty’s guests can learn more about the history and culture of the city through its popular Architectural Buildings.

  • Ascension Cathedral
  • Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul
  • Kazakhstan National Science Academy
  • Government House of Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic
  • Office Building of Kazpotrebsoyuz
  • The Central Mosque of Almaty

While going for city tour don’t forget to walk along the street, the city roads are mostly live in the day and evening time. You will find busy cafes, shops and artists lining their works on the streets. Most of the weekends, there is a market selling handicrafts and it’s filled with artists selling their works of art of local landscapes, giving a good representation of the beauty of Kazakhstan. The Arbat Market is anenjoyable place to visit when you’re going for a city tour; it is a very popular area with shopping mall nearby.

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