Kazakhstan Embassies

Kazakhstan Embassy is a section of a building in which the work of the political mission is carried out, and the political designation itself, is the embassy, while the office space and the political work is done is called the chancery.

In practice, a political mission usually denotes the resident mission, namely the embassy, which is the main office of a country’s political representatives to another country. Embassies are the smaller political missions which are usually located outside the capital of the receiving state.

n Kazakhstan all the different countries’ embassies are located in Astana .

It transmits messages of its home government to the government of Kazakhstan. The local police of Kazakhstan can’t enter an embassy without proper permission. The embassies are not the territory of the country whose embassy it is. It’s still the territory of the country located.

People, who work in an embassy, are called consular officers. The person in charge is called a consul, or consul general. There is some unofficial consul, who does not work full-time for the government.

Here Is The List Of The Countries Embassies Present In Kazakhstan.

Afghanistan – Astana

Armenia – Astana

Austria – Astana

Azerbaijan – Astana

Belarus – Astana

Belgium – Astana

Brazil – Astana

Bulgaria – Astana

Canada – Astana

China – Astana

Cuba – Astana

Czech Republic – Astana

Egypt – Astana

Estonia – Astana

Finland – Astana

France – Astana

Georgia – Astana

Germany – Astana

Greece – Astana

Holy See (Vatican City) – Astana

Hungary – Astana

India – Astana

Indonesia – Astana

Iran – Astana

Iraq – Astana

Israel – Astana

Italy – Astana

Japan – Astana

Jordan – Astana

Korea (Republic) – Astana

Kuwait – Astana

Kyrgyzstan – Astana

Latvia – Astana

Lebanon – Astana

Libya – Astana

Lithuania – Astana

Macedonia – Astana

Malaysia – Astana

Mongolia – Astana

Morocco – Astana

Netherlands – Astana

Oman – Astana

Pakistan – Astana

Palestine – Astana

Poland – Astana

Portugal – Astana

Qatar – Astana

Romania – Astana

Russia – Astana

Saudi Arabia – Astana

Serbia – Astana

Slovakia – Astana

South Africa – Astana

Spain – Astana

Sweden – Astana

Switzerland – Astana

Tajikistan – Astana

Thailand – Astana

Turkey – Astana

Turkmenistan – Astana

Ukraine – Astana

United Arab Emirates – Astana

United Kingdom – Astana

United States – Astana

Uzbekistan – Almaty

Vietnam – Astana

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