Kazakhstan Official Holidays

Kazakhstan is a large country which features both old traditions and new ones obtained since the period of Independence. The Republic of Kazakhstan celebrates international holidays such as New Year, 8 March but it also has holiday’s specific only for this country such as Capital Day, Unity Day, etc. Holidays in Kazakhstan are divided into state, national, and professional ones. The national holidays, held in honour of events having a special traditional importance for the improvement of independent Kazakhstan.

The celebration of the national holidays is accompanied by the withholding of official events. Such holiday is considered as Independence Day of Kazakhstan.

Here every state holiday are dedicated to the events having political and social importance, they also combine traditional Kazakh holidays. This section of the holidays includes New Year, 8 March, Nauryz, Capital Day, Unity Day, Constitution Day etc.

Kazakhstan celebrates many types of holidays and in addition to these holidays professional ones are also celebrated by some categories of citizens:

Transport and Communication Workers’ Day (first Sunday of August)

Fatherland Defender’s Day – 7 May

Political Repression Victims Memory Day -31 May

Press, Television and Radio Day (last Sunday of June)

Police Day – 23 June

Health Professionals’ Day (third Sunday of June)

Sports Day (third Sunday of August)

Metal-Maker’s Day (third Sunday of July)

Diplomatic Service Day – 2 July

Tax Service Day – 6 July

The Republic of Kazakhstan National Symbols’ Day – 4 June

Builders’ Day – (second Sunday of August)

Miner’ Day (last Sunday of August)

Religious Holidays :

Kazakhstan is always known for its holidays which completely depend upon the religious calendars may be in subject to local variations due to differing interpretations between different religious authorities, or to seemingly arbitrary changes in a date when a holiday is celebrated.

Muslim Holidays :

These are some of the leaves which come under the category of holidays-public holidays, legal holidays, and Muslim bank holidays of Kazakhstan get evaluated using Umm al-Qara of Saudi Arabia which is used in Saudi Arabia and in most of the Persian Gulf States.

The Religion Of Specific Business Contacts :

Kazakhstan, belongs to a specific religious group so to avoid such thing, list of holidays is given to make you aware of that.

These national holidays are totally off for the Kazakhstan population. Kazakhstan holds an open-air merrymaking and official events. It also conducts several exciting events and festive shows with the support of both Kazakhstan and foreign stars and is arranged for the country’s population.

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