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In Kazakhstan, you will choose to hit popular tourist spots and experience the local culture.Amongst other things to do in Kazakhstan, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Kazakhstan to make your trip a fulfilling one.

A trip to Kazakhstan includes many things like exploring Kazakhstan attractions and visiting the places of interest.

These Are Some Places Where You Can Go And Achieve A Better And Long Run Experiences :

Almaty :

Almaty it is a pleasant and leafy city that seems more like home in central Europe than Central Asia. Almaty is full of many cafes, museums, and nightlife.

Kazakhstan’s second city (and its former capital) is also an excellent base from which you can explore the country’s wild southern landscapes.

Astana :

Kazakhstan’s never-ending grasslands on the windswept northern steppes and the forward-looking modern city of Astana have sprouted.

The capital is an eye-catching showcase internationally, and the 21st-century architecture and a glimpse into a city of the future. Skyline punctuated by gleaming new skyscrapers that seem to challenge the laws of physics,

Aktau :

‘The gem on the Caspian,’ could be a painfully underestimated expat destination in Kazak that has solely existed since the Nineteen Sixties.

Aktau is full of diversity in their tradition and culture. Most of the residents are Kazakh people but still, there are various expats and people from many other backgrounds too.

Otrar :

Otrar was among the most renowned cities along the Silk Road during its golden period. Otrar is also recognized as KanguTarban or Kangly in subsequent centuries, this society was able to maintain control for a relatively long time by mixing with various Turkmen associations.

Shymkent :

Shymkent is a thriving trade center that hones oil and brews two of Kazakhstan’s best beers, the Bavarian-style microbrew sigma, and ShymkentskoePivo.

Baikonur :

Baikonur is very popular all over the planet because of its launching section for spacecraft or cosmodrome, the place of several spacefaring achievements like the launch of the first manned orbital flight by Yuri Gagarin, the first operational ICBM, and the launch of Sputnik.

These are some places of Baikonur where you stop by; Baikonur city, where you should visit the Museum of Baikonu.Cosmodrome History, a memorial to rocketeers, and the Yuri Gagarin monument & local squares.

Turkestan :

The most prominent pilgrimage site is the mausoleum of KozhaAkhmedYasaui and Kazakhstan’s greatest architectural monument is in Turkestan (Туркестан). It was created by Timur (Tamarlane; 1336–1405) in the late 14th century on a high scale similar with his brilliant works in Samarkand, and has no competitors in Kazakhstan for human-made beauty.

Mangyshlak peninsula :

Mangyshlak Peninsula is a land on the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan. The Mangistau region is in its territory.

One of the most impressive scenes on the peninsula is the valley of stone balls called Torysh.

Karagiye Depression :

You will observe beautiful landscape when moving from Aktau to Munayshy on the southeastern road towards Zhanaozen and it also gives a majestic view over the area in clear weather.

Taraz :

Taraz, the village is located in the west of Taraz, where you will find the graves of two 11th- or 12th-century women, fabulous heroes of a local Romeo and Juliette.

Shymkent-bound minibusses will drop you in the village, along the main road; the mausoleums are 300m (signposted) south.

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