Ancient Sites of Kyrgyzstan


Along the ancient Silk Roads between China and the Mediterranean lies Kyrgyzstan, a rugged Central Asian country grounds to the Tian Shan mountains surrounding the old caravan route that dominates the country.

Home to animals like lynx, snow leopards and sheep the southern part of the country has a huge bazaar, once a stop on the Silk Road. There is a lot to see and explore when in Kyrgyzstan especially the ancient sites of the country.

Some Of The Famous Ancient Sites Of Kyrgyzstan Include-


The fast flowing Ala-Archa River flanked by tall, steep-sided, snow-covered peaks, alpine meadows and fir-forested mountain slopes with flowers offer a majestic view to its visitors. The alpine gorge through the Alpine camp to the Ak-Say waterfall lies on an altitude of 2700 metres.

The spectacular views attract tourists from across the globe.


A valley, village, mountain range and a large wild walnut forest, Arslanbob is the first known place to export walnut to Europe.

The fairy tale walnut forest of Arslanbob is an all-round destination for horse riding, hiking, skiing and food enthusiasts.

Kazarman village

The capital of Toguz-Toro District, Kazarman is a village on the Naryn River in Kyrgyzstan. The poor dust-blown settlement has a wicked reputation of a tough mining town.

The village is also known for its Makmal open-pit gold mine.

The Kazarman village is a station before visiting Saimaluu Tash.

Tash Rabat Caravanserai

The Tash Rabat Caravanserai at Bashy district in Kyrgyzstan lies at an altitude of 3,200 meters above sea level. A well preserved 15th century stone, the caravanserai was used as a fortress by travellers and is one of the most complicated stone buildings from the ancient days.

Son Kul Lake

An alpine lake in northern Naryn Province of Kyrgyzstan, Son Kul Lake lies at an altitude of 3016 metres above sea level. The second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan the Son Kul Lake is also the largest freshwater lake in Kyrgyzstan. Surrounded by a thick summer pasture and mountain peaks, the lake though inaccessible is highly praised in and around the region. This astonishing place grounds many different yurts that offers bread, mare’s milk, jam and other dairy products.

Kochkor village

A large village in the Naryn Region of Kyrgyzstan and the administrative centre of the Kochkor district, Kochkor lies on the main highway from China to Bishkek. The village is an excursion base briefing into the high country with a well-developed tourist infrastructure. The village also grounds a regional museum.

You can also visit the felt carpet workshop to learn the process of making national felt carpets of Kyrgyzstan.

Burana Tower

A large minaret in the Chuy Valley in northern Kyrgyzstan located 80 km east of the capital was established by the Karakhanids at the end of the 9th century.

A steep, winding stairway inside the tower and an external staircase enable visitors to reach to the top.

The small building contains historical information and artefacts at the site in the surroundings.

The ancient cities, lakes and villages of Kyrgyzstan brief the country’s mystique and heritage and speak a lot about ancient lifestyle in this part of the continent. Book your tour to learn more of Kyrgyzstan’s history. Call us or visit our website.

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