Kyrgyzstan Nature

Known for its beautiful, overflowing mountains, with over 1,900 alpine lakes resting within the peaks like gems, the Kyrgyzstan lakes are worth a mention. Kyrgyzstan has a beautiful backdrop and is a resting piece for those in search of solitude. Some of the best portraits of Kyrgyzstan’s nature can be seen in the following places.


Midst the Tian Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan’s eastern parts, the Issyk Kul lake, the second largest saline lake and the tenth largest lake in the world by volume offers a panoramic view to its visitors. Issyk-Kul in the Kyrgyz language means “warm lake”. This is kind of ironical as Issyk Kul is surrounded by snow-capped peaks on three sides. However, the lake never freezes.

The lake is a site of a globally important biodiversity.


Alay, in the south of Kyrgyzstan, offers horse riding around icy masses, high rough mountains secured with the slants of canyons canvassed in pine trees and a stream roaring down underneath. On the south side, you may find an extensive field along the foot of Lenin Peak (7134 m. alt.)


Chong Kemin is a piece of a national Park found north of Issyk Kul lake. The north side is secured with pine backwoods, while the south is more dry, offering huge green fields and snowfields.


Located near the Kegety Gorge, Lake Kel Tor is a brilliant turquoise blue lake bordered by rippling green mountains, tall meadows and spruce forests. The springs and summers find the place bleeding in hues of deep, rich green colour covered in wildflowers.


An alpine lake in northern Naryn Province of Kyrgyzstan, Son Kul Lake lies at an altitude of 3016 metres above sea level. The second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan the Son Kul Lake is also the largest freshwater lake in Kyrgyzstan. Surrounded by a thick summer pasture and mountain peaks, the lake though inaccessible is highly praised in and around the region. This astonishing place grounds many different yurts that offers bread, mare’s milk, jam and other dairy products.


Arslanbob has the greatest walnut woods on the planet. Picturesque view, lakes, mountains. Be that as it may, you can’t encounter Kyrgyz travelling life here. Since most shepherds live in the cottages down in the town.


A moraine glacier lake located in east Kyrgyzstan, Lake Mertzbacher lake has 2 pools- an upper and a lower pool. Often called the “Disappearing Lake”, Lake Mertzbacher is the phoenix of Kyrgyzstan lakes. The lake can discharge up to 1000 litres per second and is located at an altitude of 3,304 meters. Glacial meltdown causes massive destruction of infrastructure and major flooding. However, the lake forms an iconic view in between the Tien Shan Mountains and the Inylchek Glaciers.


Lake Kel Suu has the most mysterious atmosphere of all Kyrgyzstan lakes.

Surrounded by sheer rugged cliffs with hidden caves, the lake is not easily accessible and can be reached from July to August. An alpine lake in the At-Bashi District of Naryn Province, fed and drained by the Kurumduk River is worth a visit. Lake Kel Suu’s waters reflect a bright turquoise colour complementing the surrounding dark rock.


A mountain lake located in Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve in Jalal-Abad Province, lake Sary-Chelek lies in the western parts of Kyrgyzstan.

The lake lies on the eastern end of the Chatkal range and is a collection of smaller lakes.

The lakes and forests of Kyrgyzstan are all gorgeous and picture worthy. The alpine lakes can be reached by trekking, horseback riding tours and cycling. You will never regret visiting the scenic mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Book your tour to Kyrgyzstan’s nature. Call us or visit our website to book your tours now.

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