Kyrgyzstan Souvenirs


The traditional felt rugs, Shirdaks come in a wide variety of rich colours and traditional designs and are used by the Kyrgyz migrants to form a kind of carpet for the floor of their yurt that makes it a lot more colourful and comfortable. Shirdaks are iconic Kyrgyz household items.

These can either be circular or long and rectangular. They are beautiful, useful, and quintessentially Kyrgyz. Shirdaks make excellent souvenirs.


A traditional Kyrgyz whip, Kamchi is still used by the wandering horsemen in Kyrgyzstan. A Kamchi is a very euphuistic, old-world, virile gift that is going to earn you serious points as a wall decoration. Kamchis made of leather, consolidate an animal paw into the holder of the whip.

Chess Sets

For a more entertaining souvenir, you can always pick up the Kyrgyz chess set which is not just any chess set but a typical Central Asian chess set where the pieces have a precise Asian flare and the board includes leather.

Sheep Bone Game

Kyrgyz nomads live principally off the of breeding animals which include goats, cows, yaks, and horses. Therefore, they find a way to make effective use of every part of the animals so nothing goes to waste.

The sheep bones are used to build a game known as the Nomad Yahtzee. The bones are rolled like dices and the player earns points depending on the positions on which they arrive.

Tea Bowls

Spice things up with Kyrgyz tea bowls instead of grabbing mugs on your Kyrgyzstan shopping spree. The tea bowls make great souvenirs and a perfect reminder of your trip because you will be served tea out of tea bowls everywhere around Kyrgyzstan.

Shopping for the tea bowls is easy as they are so common in Kyrgyzstan.

Falconry Equipment

Eagles were one of the most dangerous animals found in Kyrgyzstan and the ancient Kyrgyz people were well-known for their prowess in hunting.

The eagle and the hunter and its family would become so connected that the eagle was often thought of as a family member according to the Kyrgyz culture. Kyrgyz men would regularly hunt with the same eagle for many years after proper and adequate training.

For a one-of-a-kind souvenir in Kyrgyzstan, you can pick up a falconry equipment and essentials such as a glove and hood used by the Kyrgyz falconers.

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