Kyrgyzstan Travel Essentials

DO – Visit The Ala Archa Gorge :

A 30-40 min drive from the capital city Bishkek, this national park and also a gorge is noted for its lovely tulips during spring. It’s a lovely alpine valley with a collection of rivers, trinkets and beautiful waterfalls.

DO – Stay In A Yurt :

Made of boiled wool, or felt, and tarpaulins strapped on a round frame, the traditional dwellings of the Kyrgyz people, yurts offer a nightfall view a cornucopia of stars in the great outdoors. Hidden in a small valley and protected from the polluting elements you’ll also find a beautifully preserved 15th-century caravanserai.

DO – Observe The Changing Of The Guard:

This Changing of the Guard takes place daily in the Ala-Too Square. Do not miss the amazing tradition while in Kyrgyzstan.

DO – Visit The Osh Bazaar :

Bishkek city’s main market is a wonderful display of classic and conventional eastern ambience and savoury snacking.

DO – Indulge In The 3 S’s :

You can not miss to swim, sail and sunbathe in Issyk-Kul, the world’s second-largest high-altitude mountain lake while in Kyrgyzstan. The region is favourite among the ancient nomadic tribes and has the petroglyphs to further mark its importance.

Lastly, DO – Be Prepared :

Always be ready to be wowed and amazed by the vast landscapes, resilient and hospital people and their time-honoured rituals, customs and traditions. Travelling to Kyrgyzstan can prove to be a remarkable experience that will astound you at every turn.

DON’T – Drive :

The highways in Kyrgyzstan are generally okay, however, the condition of the minor roads can be unsteady. Also, it’s common while in Kyrgyzstan, among drivers to cross to the other side of the road when there are potholes – something that locals cope with much better than foreign drivers. Opt for minibuses and shared taxis instead of self-driving. Self-driving is also not very economical in Kyrgyzstan. It might cost approximately 500 soum by taxi from the airport to the centre hub.

DON’T – Forget The Vodka :

One way to warm up after your refreshing swim in Kyrgyzstan is the vodka. Traditionally, the Kyrgyz people consume the mentioned beverage with Zakushkas which is a tasty treat ranging from a variety of appetizers to just plain bread.

DON’T – Succumb To Pickpockets :

Like in most cities and busy markets across the world, it actually pays to stay alert and not let your guard down while travelling through the busy streets of Kyrgyzstan.

DON’T – Obsess About Toilets :

There are not many toilet facilities out there in Kyrgyzstan, so there is no point turning your nose up at the outdoor pit loo.

DON’T – Swim In The River :

Kyrgyzstan has a lot of intriguing lakes. As tempting as it might be to take a dip in the clear waters, be warned that this is very icy water!

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