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Officially known as Kyrgyzstan Republic, it is one of the countries in Central Asia which for long served as a base for many empires and staging post to the Great Silk Road route. Located high above in the Tien Shan mountain range, Kyrgyzstan is home to some of the scenically beautiful mountain ranges which also accommodate many mountain lakes and glacial fed streams and rivers. There are numerous things you can take advantage of while you’re in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan In Brief

Kyrgyzstan is over 2,000 years old. The first Turkic state to have been formed in here was by G’kt’rks nomadic tribe in 552 AD. The Uyghur Empire emerged out of it which was subsequently defeated by the Yenisey Kirghiz. After the Mongol invasion, the region remained under the rule of various empires that succeeded the Mongols like Golden Horde, Chagatai Khanate, and Oirats. In the early 19th century the entire territory came under the rule of Khanate of Kokand. The Russian Empire came into the scene in 1876 and annexed it to the Soviet Union. It remained under the Soviet rule until 1991 when it got independence.

The Great Silk Road route that facilitated trade for over two millennia between the eastern and western civilization did pass through the valleys of the mountains. It provided respite for merchants from the desert land of the Central Asian region and preferred the route that passed through the the mountains of Kyrgyzstan instead. This led to the formation of caravanserais, staging posts along the route. As a result cities like Osh and Naryn region grew in prominence. A historical tour through these cities will take you back to the medieval world.

Still today, you can experience the pervasive nomadic lifestyle of Kyrgyz who live in yurts and herd livestock in the mountains during appropriate seasons. These nomads, breed, herd, eat, and ride horses. During your tour, you’re surely going to have a horse ride through the mountains. A cultural tour through the mountains will get you closer to the nomads who are more than happy to let you in into their culture.

These mountain ranges are some of the most exquisite, wild, and remote you’re ever likely to come across. Ranging from 400 meters in the Chuy Valley to 7,000 meters at the Lenin peak, With 94% of the region located above an elevation of 1,000 meters, 29 peaks which are over 4,000 meters, and 45 more that are over 3,000, Kyrgyzstan in a treasure trove for trekking junkies. Adventure sports like hiking, trekking, mountaineering, skiing are enjoyed by tourists in these high altitudes. Also up in those elevations, there are 1,928 mountain lakes which are surrounded by snow capped mountains which are fed by a number of small streams and rivers. Extreme sports like rafting are organized in these streams.

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