Tours to Lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan

tours to Issyk-Kul

Issyk-Kul is a high-mountain lake in the northern Tien Shan and the main pearl of Kyrgyzstan. It is often called the Kyrgyz Baikal, which only confirms the increasing number of tourists every year.

Lake Issyk-Kul vacation can be very, very diverse: it all depends on which part of Kyrgyzstan you are going to:

  • east coast. In terms of resorts it is not the most popular destination. There are many boarding houses and sanatoriums from Soviet times on the eastern shore. This part of Issyk-Kul attracts fishermen and lovers of mountain tourism;
  • the northern coast. The mountains protect the coast from the wind, so this is where most travelers come. The northern coast has well-groomed beaches, prestigious hotels, elite restaurants. Tours to this part of Kyrgyzstan cost 2-3 times more expensive than tours to the east coast;
  • Balykchy is the industrial center of Issyk-Kul. This city attracts tourists fascinated by the ancient history of Kyrgyzstan. Every tree, every stone and every hill in Balykchy keeps ancient tales and legends. It is here that there is a sunken city and a lost monastery, which will be of interest not only to historians;
  • Karakol is the cultural capital of the Issyk-Kul region. There is a well-developed infrastructure here, and most tourists come to Karakol precisely because of the mud baths and sanatoriums. In the region of Issyk-Kul you can find therapeutic hot springs, so Kyrgyzstan is great for health programs;
  •  Cholpon-Ata – according to tourists this is the most beautiful city on the shore of Issyk-Kul. Holidaymakers are attracted by the contrasts of this town. On the one hand, it is a noisy resort with prestigious hotels, and on the other – a quiet and charming place for a cozy holiday.

The cost of tours to Lake Issyk-Kul depends on many criteria: the number of days, the stardom of the hotel, the saturation of the program. We offer one-day and one-week tours, luxury hotels and modest hotels, full board or only included breakfast.

 Minzifa Travel offers both themed tours to Issyk-Kul and comprehensive programs, where one day is allotted for vacation at the lake. To select a tour, find out booking details and check the current prices, please e-mail or write to WhatsApp.

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