Best Time To Visit Tajikistan

In case you’re searching for a travel destination where you can get lost, and rediscover yourself the way it was done in the good old days without depending on technology, this is the correct place for you. Tajikistan’s scenery is hypnotizing – yet it’s solitary available amid the correct time of the year. Before you gather your backpacks and set off on this adventurous experience, you need to consider when to visit Tajikistan.

Here Are The Realities !

Quick Facts

Best Time to Visit Tajikistan: June – September

High Tourist Season: June- September

Low Season: October – February

All Seasons: June – September (summer), October – February (winter),

Seasonal Overview

June to September — Summer / High Season

Avg. Temperature: 92 – 98° F / 33 – 37° C (in Dushanbe)

Rainfall: 0 – 5 mm

Season: Summer

October to February — Winter / Low Season

Avg. Temperature: 50 – 73° F / 10 – 23° C (in Dushanbe)

Rainfall: 3 – 36 mm

Season: Winter

March to May — Spring / Good Season

Avg. Temperature: 66 – 86° F / 19 – 30° C (in Dushanbe)

Rainfall: 16 – 47 mm

Season: Spring

The best time to visit Tajikistan is between June – September when it’s the ideal temperature for you to climb up the Pamir ranges.

March to May is additionally a decent time to visit Tajikistan, however just in the event that you need to visit the urban areas, as the heavy rain may cause avalanches in the mountain ranges. Amongst June and September, anticipate that the urban areas will be staggeringly sweltering; however, the climate in the mountain reaches will be lovely.

It isn’t recommended that you travel in Tajikistan amongst October and February, as it is the pinnacle of winter, and the climate in Tajikistan turns out to be to a great degree antagonistic amid these months.

Tajikistan is a place that is known for unparalleled magnificence. It is the perfect nation for explorers and the individuals who are low maintenance. It gives you the perfect chance to live simply as local people do, and push your usual range of familiarity by discovering something new.

To discover Tajikistan’s staggering vistas, you have to visit the nation amid the perfect time. The best time to visit Tajikistan is amongst June and September when the climate is warm, and there is almost no precipitation. The primary motivation behind why individuals visit Tajikistan is the Pamir Highway and the testing mountain treks, and this is the main season in which it’s feasible for you to investigate those rough territories.

For the individuals who wish to discover Tajikistan’s urban life in urban areas like Dushanbe or Khorog, April and May is additionally a decent time to visit. It will be easier for you to discover the excellent exhibition halls and experience the way of life of the urban communities without torment from the smothering warminzifatravel.comh of summer!

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