Tajikistan Vicinity

Tajikistan shares borders with Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistanand China.

However, the region has been frequently affected by natural disasters, diseases and conflicts. Keeping this in mind it is recommended to be informed about the places in Tajikistan vicinity before planning your travel.

Wakhan Corridor

Visiting places in Tajikistan vicinity close to Afghanistan is often considered to be dangerous and sometimes impossible. However, anyone can cross the borders via the Wakhan Corridor which is panhandle-shaped and accessible even without a visa.

Ishkashim Market

Not far from the country borders lies the Ishkashim Market connected by the rough patch of “No Man’s Land” where locals meet to exchange, buy and sell crafts and cultural souvenirs.

The market is located in the centre of the Panj River. The market is frequently visited by foreign tourists to Tajikistan as well as Afghanistan. No long immigration process is required in order to shop in the market. A guard usually armed will assist you to the marketplace and will instruct you to cross the bridge that takes you to the market.

The market has a whole lot of delicious food, Pakol Hats, Afghani Trinkets and the most important Tajik Souvenirs. Apart from the handcrafted goods one can also find different types of foreign goods including the less expensive clothes from Chinese markets and the World Food Programme aid packages for sale. The market is one good place to spot different types of people.

Panj River

The mountainous Panj River on the lines of Tajikistan vicinity links Ishkashim, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The river is known by the same on all lands. The river is neutral to the “No Man’s Land” patch. The river land can be accesed by all the Afghans and Tajiks ubiquitously conditioned by the rule that they return to their country land as soon as possible.


As you bridge over the Panj river that connects Afghanistan with Tajikistan you can reach out to the Ruzvai-Nusai which is open to foreigners according to the UN.

Kyzylart – Bor Dobo

Broken windows, repurposed oil tanks, ravaged offices and lack of dress code on the Tajik side can be seen on the Kyzylart-Bor Dobo not far from the land of Tajikistan on the roads of Sary Tash to Murgab straight out of Mad Max.

Other places on Tajikistan vicinity-
  • Oybek-Buston
  • Konibodom (Patar)
  • Batken – Isfara
  • Kulundu
  • Penjikent
  • Denau – Tursunzade
  • Gulbahor
  • Shir Khan Bandar – Panji Poyon
  • Ishkashim
  • Qolma
  • Kyzylart
  • Karamyk – Jirgital

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