Tajikistan Weather & Climate

Tajikistan is located in the heart of Central Asia. Due to its location and relief, Tajikistan has a continental climate. Some other regions of Tajikistan have a subtropical intracontinental climate. You can find a temperate climate in the plains around Khujand and Dushanbe. The summers in these regions are usually hot and dry whereas the winters witness a considerable amount of precipitation in Dushanbe.

The 93 per cent territory of the country covered by mountains are dominated by a polar climate not only in winters but also during the summers.

Climate In Dushanbe

Dushanbe, situated on the edge of the mountain peaks has a subtropical and mild continental climate. Summers are warm with a very low level of precipitation. However, the region experiences abundant rains after the winters. Dushanbe is one city that reaches to 0 degrees during the winter months. The best time to visit the capital city is between April to October.

Climate In Khujand

Khujand lies in the northern parts of Tajikistan. The climate here is comparatively warmer and drier than other parts of the country. The city is a submerged lowland and is open to warm masses of dry air that come from the neighbouring country, Uzbekistan. Summers in Khujand is very hot while the winters are long and cold usually covered with snow.

The Autumns and Springs in the city last for a very short period of time. However, Spring and autumn is the best time to visit Tajikistan because the city of Khujand has the hottest weather in Tajikistan.

Climate In The Pamir Mountains

The Pamir Mountain ranges have the most extreme climatic conditions in Tajikistan. The elevation in these regions ranges between 1000 and 7495 meters above sea level and take up a huge amount of territory of Tajikistan. Therefore, the weather and the climate depends a lot on the location and the elevation of the peak.

The extremely continently climate of the Pamir Mountains attracts tourists from around the globe. Winters in the area are extremely cold and last for a really long time that is from October to April. Summers last only for two months, July and August.

You can find different tour groups and trips available in the Pamir region all year round. But the best time to visit these mountains in July and August that give the best views in Tajikistan.

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