Turkmenistan Flights

Major Airlines And Their Destinations Flying Over Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan Airlines :

Destinations- Abu Dhabi, Almaty, Amritsar, Balkanabat, Bangkok, Beijing, Birmingham, Daşoguz, Delhi, Dubai, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Kazan, London, Mary, Minsk, Moscow, Paris, Saint Petersburg, Türkmenabat, Türkmenbaşy, Yerevan

Turkmenabat Airlines

Destinations Cargolux, Chennai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Luxembourg, Taipei, Singapore, Budapest, Vienna, Mumbai, Prague, Ho Chi Minh


Destinations- Seasonal: Minsk


Destinations- Frankfurt, Hong Kong

Turkmenistan Airlines Cargo

Destinations- Abu Dhabi, Brno, Chateauroux, Istanbul

Coyne Airways

Destinations- Abu Dhabi, Brno, Chateauroux, Istanbul

Major Airports

Turkmenabat Airport

Also known as Krasnovodsk Airport, the Turkmenabat Airport located in city Krasnovodsk is the second largest international airport in Turkmenistan opened in 1959.

Turkmenbashi Airport

The Turkmenabat Airport, located approximately 5 miles away from the centre of the city is a domestic airport in Turkmenabat.

The airport features a four-story terminal building with a capacity of housing 800 passengers every hour and a new control tower.

The airport can make way for 7 flights at a time providing international level services. In addition to the landscapes, set and adorned with fountains, the airport has an open parking area for three hundred and eighty cars or more.

Mary International Airport

The Mary International Airport is located 6 km to the north-east of the Mary centre. The airport was expanded to a two-story, 3,500-square-meter terminal in 2009.

The airport promoted its rank from provincial to an international airport in 2009 itself.

Dashoguz Airport

With an artificial runway spread along 3800m, the project created an apron for aircraft parking. It has a terminal building capacity of 500 passengers per hour.

Dasoguz Airport is a countrified airport that is located 15 km to the southwest of Dasoguz in Turkmenistan.

Balkanabat Airport

The airport was inaugurated on November 7, 2004. With the terminal building spread over 3500 square metres, the airport hosts a runway that can carry aircraft weighing up to 150 tonnes or more with a capacity of 200 passengers every hour taking off from the grounds.

Ashgabat International Airport

Formerly known as SaparmuratTürkmenbaşy International Airport, the Ashgabat International Airport is one of three international airports in based in Turkmenistan.

This enables the airport to act grounds to aircraft of all types. The airport also comprises of border control, a 24-hour reference service, business club, ticket office, passenger waiting rooms, service passport, VIP and CIP rooms, fast-food outlets, baggage handling conveyor system, shops, bars, currency exchange and all sorts of urban facilities.

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