Uzbekistan Eco Tourism

Ecotourism refers to a form of tourism which entails visiting places of a country which are far off, fragile, undisturbed, and less visited. Considering some of the remote places of Uzbekistan, it ticks all the boxes of a major ecotourism destination. It is also sometimes referred to as sustainable tourism. As a eco tourist, you pledge to travel in a way that respects nature and its attribute and does not contribute toward its degradation.

Uzbekistan which is the largest country in Central Asia is blessed with rich natural resources. Compared to other countries in Europe and China, it is not too developed and industrialized as well. As a result, much of the region is still characterized by pristine land and calm unpolluted atmosphere. From gigantic deserts to snow-capped mountains to clear water lakes, you can just see so much in Uzbekistan in your your ecotourism tour.

During eco-tours, you will undoubtedly feel the unity and harmony with nature as you come across the rich and varied flora and fauna of Uzbekistan.When you visit any of these small towns and villages, undertake it as your responsibility to maintain the same atmosphere.

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