Uzbekistan Health Tourism

Apart from the spellbinding historical monuments and diverse culture, Uzbekistan also is a destination still in its pristine condition. Locateed between the rivers of Amu Darya and Syr Darya, it is the largest country in Central Asia with deserts, mountains, valleys, plateaus, and lakes. The pure fresh air, closeness of mountains, sunlight in abundance, beautiful nature, and religious monuments act as the real healers as opposed to doctors and psychiatrists.

Because of the higher altitudes in the Fergana Valley region coupled with the fact that there are no industries in here, there is little to no air polllution in the valley. Thus anyone coming from industrialized cosmopolitan city breathing smokes every day will find peace in here and restore his/her health. The ski resorts and yurts are perfect accommodating places where you can stay and get as close to the nature as possible. The scenic landscape from the top of these mountains alone is enough to bring smile to your face and your brain rejuvenated. Furthermore, outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, city excursion will get your body refreshed.

Besides that, Uzbekistan is a major pilgrimage destination which has prominent heritage sites of Islamic, Christian, Buddhist, and Jewish cultures. There are numerous shrines in Uzbekistan which are the burial place notable religious leaders in Islam and other faiths. In the vicinity of these shrines, there are water sources like wells, springs, or ponds the water of which are considered holy and healing. This attracts people from around the globe who come here to seek the blessings.

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