Uzbekistan Tourism Safety

Safety and security is the big issue travelers usually have in mind when they’re planning to take a trip to Uzbekistan. It’s mostly because of the instability and political situations especially along the borders with Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. The borders are still filled with landmines and it is highly advised to stay away from these regions.

But besides that, Uzbekistan is as safe as one could get. It is as safe as other tourism focused countries like France, Italy, or Tanzania.

Please Be Aware Of The Following Before Coming To Uzbekistan.

Border Areas

The security situations in bordering areas with Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan and also to some extent Afghanistan is highly unstable. Armed conflict still takes place with no prior notice with gunfires and explosions. Landmines still exist in areas around the border.


Although not rampant, terrorist activities have occurred in certain places of Uzbekistan. Always monitor the information about threats of attack or bombings in the news channel and stay up to date.


Crime targeting foreginers have been reported several times to authories. Especially in the tourist areas, they’re an easy targets for hooligans. Avoid wearing valuable displaying items and carrying expensive electronic gadgets that are prone to theft.

Civil Unrest

There is a degree of unrest and conflict particularly in Andijan and eastern region of the Fergana Valley. So be cautious when you travel there. Rest of Uzbekistan is just fine.

Tips On A Safety Uzbekistan Tour

Here are few tips to make your life easier while you’re in Uzbekistan.

Avoid the border areas

As previously stated, the areas in the border are equipped with landmines. Plus gunfires intermittently occur from both ends of the bordering countries which make it a highly dangerous area for civlians and tourists alike.

Carry Fair Amount Of Cash

Very few places in Uzbekistan accept credit cards and US Dollars. So it’s good to have enough cash reserved in your pocket for seamless travel experience. As 1 USD = 7000 AZS, you’ll be walking with a lot of cash in your bag.

Bonus tip: try to avoid exchanging in black markets which operate in bazaars in other tourist places. We recommend coming to us in case you need any help regarding cash exchange.

Be Aware Of The Local Laws

While we don’t ask you to pass an exam of Uzbekistan laws and regulations, we do ask to learn few basic rules which come handy while you’re here. For example, homosexuality is illegal in Uzbekistan and often frowned upon by locals. Bear in mind that Uzbekistan is a police state and photography in some places can attract the questioning by the officials.

Get Proper Vaccination

Even though Uzbekistan is free from any endemic diseases, there are few of them that may cause health problems to tourists especially if you’re coming from a westernized location and have low immunity. Generally vaccinations for these diseases are recommended but not mandatory:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Japanese Encephalitis
  • Rabies
  • Typhoid
  • Malaria

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