Uzbekistan Food

Uzbekistan is a country that has its history spanning several millennia. Its was settled on by nomadic tribes along the rivers of Amu Darya and Syr Darya. Since that time, the people practised cultivation and livestock and prepared their own food in the settlement abandoning their nomadic lifestyle. Later Arab invaders and Greeks (headed by Alexander the Great) brought in with them their own cuisine which influenced the local cuisine. Following the opening of the Silk Road route, the Chinese, Koreans, and later Russians also made a mark on Uzbek cuisine.

Besides the delicious Uzbek dishes, you can always seek out international cuisine as there are several restaurants serving them, albiet they’re much harder to find in smaller towns.

Here Are The Most Famous Uzbekistan Dishes You Ought To Try In Your Uzbekistan Tour:


Considered as the national dish of Uzbekistan, you’ll find this dish served in every corner and region of Uzbekistan. This dish consists of rice mainly cooked in spiced up meat, vegetables emitting a strong aroma. It is served in every main occasion and its popularity extends well beyond Uzbekistan.

Lagman Soup

A Chinese inspired Uzbek dish which has noodles as its main ingredient is often served in aromatic broth filled with vegetables and meat (usually lamb).


A variation of dumpling, it consists of juicy meat or vegetables stuffed in thin dough and then steamed. It can be eaten alone or in soup or sauce.


A famous Uzbek snack, it a pastry usually triangular in shape and stuffed with spiced potatoes and other vegetables.


An authentic oriental cuisine, this dish consists of hand spun noodles typically mixed with horse meat topped with minced onions and sprinked with black pepper.


It is a stew dish made with meat, potatoes, onions, vegetables, and fruits. Due to its minimally processed preparation, it is both healthy and delicious.


A famous Uzbek sweet item, it is flour based confection with a creamy nut flavor.


It is a roasted and grilled meat dish which originated in Middle East. The meat is most often mutton or lamb which can also include fruits and vegetables either in raw or cooked form.

Achichuk Salad

This is a strict vegetarian dish with no meat involvement. It consists of thinly sliced tomatoes and onion sprinkled with aromatic spices.


This dish is a mix of soup and dumplings. Vegetables or meat stuffed dumplings are immersed in a soup of sour milk seasoned with pepper, onion, tomato paste etc.

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