Uzbekistan FAQ

What is required to enter Uzbekistan?

Visas and passports along with a LOI (Letter of Invitation). The visa should have at least six months of validity and passport should be updated as well. LOI should be prepared by your tour company approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Uzbekistan.

Can visa be obtained on arrival in Uzbekistan?

Yes, but only if you’re unable to do so in your own country or the airlines do no allow enough time to obtain it at other places. In such cases, it can be acquired at any international airports in Uzbekistan.

What Is A LOI?

Abbreviation for Letter of Invitation. It is a written document supporting a person seeking visa to travel to a particular country. It is issued by a tour company in Uzbekistan and approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It should be submitted at the airport customs along with visa and passport.

What Is Consular Fee?

A fee charged by consular for issuing a visa. It varies from country to country.

What Is A Group Visa?

A visa issued for a group of people traveling together. Five or more people together are eligible for a group visa.

FAQs On Before Arrival

Do I Need Vaccinations?

Although not mandatory by law, it is recommended especially if you have low immunity or any alergies.

Is There A Clothing Limitation? (Especially From Women)

Uzbekistan is a Muslim predominant country who follow a strict clothing style. So it should be respected and you should dress accordingly. Cities like Tashkent and Bukhara are more open while other cities and towns are conservative. So avoid skirts and tight fitting clothes wherever possible. Full body clothing will be much appreciated.

Are Alcoholic Beverages Allowed To Bring Inside Uzbekistan?

Yes, but in limited quantity. It is two bottles per person.

Are Medications And Drugs Allowed?

Yes, but limited. There are certain drugs banned in Uzbekistan. You should mention everything in the custom declaration forms, or else you might face penalty.

What Is The Minimum And Maximum Cash Limitation We Can Bring In?

There is no minimum, the maximum is 2,000 USD.

FAQs On After Arrival

Who Will Be Primary Point Of Contact In Case Something Goes Wrong?

Us. It is your right and our duty to help you get out of any trouble.

Is Vegetarian Food Available In Uzbekistan?

Although scant, but still available. It’d have to be ordered and prepared separately. Keep in mind that even some salad variants contain meat in them.

Can I Use My Credit Card As Payment Option?

The use of credit card is limited to hotels and big merchants and not accepted in everyday use areas.

What Mobile Operators Are There In Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan has the following mobile oprators:

  • Ucell (trade mark of JV LLC “Coscom”)
  • Beeline-Uzbekistan (VimpelCom Ltd. Group)
  • Perfectum Mobile
  • UzMobile
  • Universal Mobile Systems
What Places Should I Avoid At All Cost?

The border areas and places warned by your tour company.

FAQs On Transportation

What Places Should I Avoid At All Cost?

All the three of airways, railways, and roadways.

What’s The Difference Between Coupe Classes In Overnight Trains?

Overnight trains in Uzbekistan have three classes: Lux class, first class coupe, and platscart class. The first one is for 2 persons, second one is for 4 persons, and third one open with as many as 54 passengers in a carriage.

Can I Purchase Advance Tickets? That Too Electronically?

Yes, you can purchase advance tickets but only within 30 days of departure. There are no electronic means of booking.

How Much Taxis Charge In Uzbekistan?

The average taxi in Uzbekistan costs $5 to $10 per trip. The difference in prices between private taxis and official taxi services is about $2 to $3 per trip.

Are There Car Rental Companies In Uzbekistan?

Unfortunately there aren’t, but you can always rent a car with a driver.

General FAQs

Who Is A Tour Leader And How He/She Is Different From Tour Guide?

A tour leader is a person who accompanies a tour group or individual throughout the country and travel with them. He arranges everything from transportation to hotel bookings to tickets in sightseeing places. While a tour guide is a person who just accompanies an individual or a group in the sightseeing spots only.

What Languages Do Locals Speak?

Official language is Uzbek and is spoken and understood by majority of the people. Russian and Tadjik are also spoken. English is being spoken in major developed cities like Tashkent, Bukhara, and Samarkand especially by young men and women.

What Is The Voltage In Uzbekistan?

The counrywide voltage range is 220 V.

What Is The Difference Between Half Board And Full Board?

Half board includes breakfast and either lunch or dinner while full board includes all three meals.

What Is The Distance Between The Main Tourist Cities In Uzbekistan?

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