Uzbekistan Vicinity

Uzbekistan shares borders with Iran and the “stan” countries that include- Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan. However, the region has been frequently affected by natural disasters, diseases and conflicts. Keeping this in mind it is recommended to be informed about the places in Uzbekistan vicinity before planning your travel.

Relic forest

The Relic forests lie under the umbrage of the canyon rocks and the Sogdian Ash Tree. Gazelles can be found running here and there in the rich habitat.

These forests have dense growths of trees like the willow, poplar, and barberry.

Kyzylart – Bor Dobo

Broken windows, repurposed oil tanks, ravaged offices and lack of dress code on the Tajik side can be seen on the Kyzylart-Bor Dobo not far from the land of Tajikistan on the roads of Sary Tash to Murgab straight out of Mad Max.

Stoned Silk Road Fortresses

The Wakhan Valley is dotted by numerous, diverse biblical Silk Road fortresses that date back to the Kingdom of Kushan.

Shavat – Dashoguz

The route connects Khiva and Urgench with Dashoguz opening at 9.30 in the morning.


Tourists planning to visit the mausoleum of Gonbad-I Qubus share the most convenient route via the Gudurolum. However, no public transport is available to the Gudurolum and tourist have to walk to reach there.

Farap – Alat

The Farap-Alat connects Bukhara with Turkmenabat. The route is open to visitors at 8.30 am in the morning and closes at 8pm. The path is less isolated and you can find shared taxis to on both the sides of Turkmenistan vicinity. Money exchange services are not tourist friendly. You can hire a minivan to travel across the border.

Shavat – Dashoguz

The route connects Khiva and Urgench with Dashoguz opening at 9.30 in the morning.

Hojayli – Konye-Urgench

The Hojayli – Konye-Urgench connects Nukus with Konje-Urgench. It was reopened in the year 2016 one year after its reconstruction in 2015. The route was kept closed for most of the year. The once “no-man’s land” area between checkpoints does not exist anymore.


The Talimardzhan is a bilateral crossing open only for the Uzbek and Turkmen citizens. TheTalimardzhan is located on the crossroads connecting Qarshi (UZB) and Atamurat (TRM).

Druzhba – Gazadzhak

The Druzhba – Gazadzhak is a small and little-known border post near the city of Khiva. Not much information is available for the post because of its isolated nature.

Other Places In Uzbekistan Vicinity

  • Tejen
  • Chernayevka
  • Uchkurgan
  • Dostyk
  • Konibodom (Patar)
  • Oybek-Buston
  • Penjikent
  • Denau-Tursunzade
  • Termez-Hairatan
  • Farap-Alat
  • Shavat-Dashoguz
  • Hojayli-Konye-Urgench

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