Uzbekistan Weather

Uzbekistan follows a continental climate. The summers hover around40°C while the winters get really cold falling as low as −23°C. The summers start from June to August and it is usually long, hot, and dry. In these periods, the temperatures hit 33°C and the average temperature reaches 36°C in the northern part and over 42°C in the southern Uzbekistan.

In Uzbek language, there is a term called “Chilla.” These are used to indicate the period in which summer is at its peak and winter is at its trough. The summer chilla lasts for 40 days from July to mid-August and the worse of winters last for 40 days, from end of December to middle of February.

Spring in Uzbekistan starts from mid-March and lasts till mid-June which is normally mild and rainy. Spring is also the most touristic season and Uzbekistan receives way much tourist traffic as compared to other months. But the month of March and April are mostly rainy which eases a bit at the beginning of May. The average temperature during this period is 20°C. Autumn sets in in Uzbekistan during September lasting to the beginning of November. Autumn is usually accompanied by light frosts and rains.

The winter months in Uzbekistan are from December to February. Even though it is short, the temperatures are well below freezing point which minimize the tourist population and the tour packages are the lowest. The temperature averages 8°C during this period.

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