City Tours In Uzbekistan

The rich historical land of Uzbekistan is located in the South Central Asian Union which comprises of Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan. It is doubly landlocked except in the southern shoreline where it borders with Aral Sea. From time to time it was conquered and ruled by rulers from different regions like Alexander — The Great, The Arabs who introduced Islam, Tamerland from Samarkand, and then the Russians. This has given Uzbekistan its true historical diversity where different cultural influences and inspirations are palpable in monuments and constructions found throughout the country. Our Uzbekistan City Tours are perfected over time through experimentation and feedback from travelers so that our tourists get the true Uzbek experience.

Here Are The Main City Tours We Provide In Uzbekistan:

Samarkand City Tour

Take a tour through the most emblematic city in Uzbekistan which hosts the unique and magnificent construction of the Middle Ages. Because of the reasons, it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bukhara City Tour

In this tour, get to visit the most ancient cities along the Silk Road route which appraise a compelling story of the past millennium. These cities have numerous old forts and mosques built from the 10th century and later which are carefully preserved. The cities covered are Khiva, Bukhara, Nurata, and Samarkand.

Exotics Of The East

Visit the cherrypicked tourist sites of Bukhara City, which is filled with numerous interesting places, in our Bukhara City tour package.

Khiva City Tour

The open air museum and the ancient Itchan-Kala fortress are guaranteed to take you back in time. Take the Khiva city tour through the 18th century-style old school houses of the city along with the monuments dating back to 17th century.

Tashkent City Tour

Traverse through historical sites with a mix of Sogdian and Turkic culture in the capital city of Uzbekistan. Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theatre, Kukeldash Madrasah are the main sightseeing places in Tashkent.

Ancient Khorezm Tour

Among the most ancient city in Central Asia, the city of Khorezm has tens of thousands of fortresses and is a major archaeological site.

Termez City Tour

Termez is one of those cities in Uzbekistan where you can spot monuments and buildings with nomadic Shamanism, Zoroastrianism, and Indian Buddhism in the light of pervasive Islamic culture.

Hazrat Daud Cave Tour

One of the most sacred places in Uzbekistan, the cave is the worshipping place of Hazrat Daud or St. David who is esteemed and worshiped in three world’s religions.

Urgut Tour

Urgut is another city in Uzbekistan filled with rich historical significance and has the biggest market of traditional handcrafts in Samarkand region.

Tashkent Layover Tour

If you’re stuck in the layover at Tashkent International Airport or your flight got delayed and need to pass the time, then take a short tour to Tashkent Layover where you can find a number of leisure options like restaurants, shopping malls, bars, airline lounges.

House-museums Tour

The house museum in Uzbekistan in the city of Tashkent is dedicated to Tamara Khanum, a woman who is among the most influential person in Uzbekistan.

Tashkent Evening City Tour

Submerge yourself into the gorgeousness of Tashkent in evening mode when the sun paints the city with a light yellow to red shade.

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