Craftsman Tour – Crafts tour in Uzbekistan

Crafts tourism is a relatively new and unexplored phenomenon for travelers, which has been gaining popularity in recent years. But where else to study the art of crafts, if not in Uzbekistan? Bright carpets, sewing with golden threads, authentic tableware – become real craftsmen with Minzifa Travel!

On the “Craft Tour” by Minzifa Travel you will not only get acquainted with the amazing Asian country, but also touch the ancient art of the people. In 6 days we will have time to visit 3 mysterious Uzbek cities and for sure:

  • We will visit a ceramics workshop and listen to a story about the production of ceramic tableware;
  • We will visit a musical instrument store. The craftsmen will not only tell us about each exhibit, but also demonstrate how each instrument sounds;
  • go to the workshop and see how designer hats are made;
  • enjoy a walk through the winemaking museum and taste the best Uzbek wines;
  • visit a paper factory and pottery studio where you can make and decorate pottery and learn the history of paper making and buy unique postcards and envelopes;
  • We will go on a tour to the carpet workshop. The masters will tell you everything about carpet making, and if you want you can buy one of the masterpieces as a keepsake;
  • We will visit the embroidery center and gold embroidery workshop and find out how famous national ornaments are made;
  • We will visit the blacksmith shop and art workshop, where the best craftsmen of Uzbekistan work;
  • We will feel like children and go to the workshop for making theater puppets.

Handicrafts are the main, but not the only travel destination with Minzifa Travel. Famous mausoleums and main city squares, galleries and architectural monuments, palaces and museums, classic oriental bazaars, where you will leave most of your money (it is impossible to refrain from shopping!) – you will see Uzbekistan unvarnished, as it is known and loved by locals.

“Craft Tour” is designed for 2 tourists, so you will find a warm and very familiar environment. You can always find out the exact price and details of the tour from Minzifa Travel in WhatsApp, e-mail Start the cultural enrichment with us!

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