Discover the Best of Kyrgyzstan with Minzifa Travel


Day 1 – Arrival in Bishkek

Start your Kyrgyzstan adventure by arriving in the capital city of Bishkek. Explore the city’s Soviet-era architecture and cultural landmarks, including the Ala-Too Square and the State Museum of Fine Arts. Minzifa Travel offers a guided tour of the city, taking you to iconic spots like the Osh Bazaar and the Victory Monument.

Day 2 – Issyk-Kul Lake

Take a scenic drive to Issyk-Kul Lake, one of the largest alpine lakes in the world. Enjoy the stunning mountain views and take a dip in the crystal-clear waters. Minzifa Travel’s guided tour includes a visit to the ancient petroglyphs of Cholpon-Ata and the fairy tale canyon of Skazka.

Day 3 – Son-Kul Lake

Experience the unique nomadic traditions of Kyrgyzstan with a visit to Son-Kul Lake, a high-altitude lake surrounded by beautiful mountains and pastures. Stay in a traditional yurt and learn about the traditional lifestyle of Kyrgyz nomads. Minzifa Travel’s tour includes private transportation and expert guides.

Day 4 – Tash Rabat and Naryn

Visit the Tash Rabat caravanserai, an ancient stone building that served as a rest stop for traders on the Silk Road. Explore the surrounding mountains and valleys, then continue on to the city of Naryn for a taste of local cuisine and culture. Minzifa Travel’s expert guides will provide insights into the region’s history and traditions.

Day 5 – Song-Kul Lake

Return to the stunning Song-Kul Lake for another day of exploration and relaxation. Take a horseback ride through the surrounding pastures, meet with local nomads and learn about their way of life. Minzifa Travel’s tour includes a private transfer and expert guides.

Day 6 – Back to Bishkek

Return to Bishkek and enjoy a final day exploring the city. Minzifa Travel offers optional tours to nearby attractions like the Burana Tower and the Konorchek Canyon.

Accommodation and Transportation

Minzifa Travel’s Kyrgyzstan itinerary includes private transportation, accommodations in comfortable yurts and hotels, and traditional meals. Our team of experts will handle all the logistics so that you can focus on enjoying your adventure.

Customization Options

At Minzifa Travel, we understand that every traveler is unique. That’s why we offer customization options for our Kyrgyzstan itinerary, allowing you to add or remove activities and adjust the duration of the trip according to your preferences.

In conclusion, Minzifa Travels Kyrgyzstan itinerary takes visitors on a journey through the country’s stunning natural landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and unique nomadic traditions. From the alpine lakes of Issyk-Kul and Song-Kul to the ancient caravanserai of Tash Rabat, this itinerary is a perfect blend of adventure and cultural immersion. Book your tour today and experience the wonders of Kyrgyzstan!