Fatiha tui – Uzbek Rite of Wooing or Engagement

Fatiha tui. An interesting custom with a simple meaning is engagement or matchmaking. According to tradition, the parents of the groom, most often the aunts, less often the mother, find the bride themselves. However, today’s young people tactfully advise in which direction it is better to look.

Appointed matchmakers find out everything about the girl’s family and relatives in detail, get acquainted with the parents. If everything is all right from the point of view of Muslim morality, the parents of the groom agree to the matchmaking. All the formalities are observed, and the long-awaited custom of fatih tuy begins. On this day, guests gather at the bride’s house, among whom the mahalla elders are sure to be present. The matchmakers solemnly state the essence of their visit in the presence of numerous witnesses and, having received the consent of the girl’s parents, a non syndirish ceremony is conducted (a tortilla is broken), from which moment the wedding contract is considered to be sealed. The groom’s relatives and matchmakers are presented with gifts. At this point, the young people are officially considered the “bride and groom. This concludes the “fatihah-tuy”, the day of the wedding is appointed, and preparations for the wedding begin.

Fatih tui – Engagement!

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