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Seven Lakes: What to see?

There are other names for this attraction – Marguzor Lakes or Haftkul. The natural complex is located near the town of Penjikent and attracts tourists with the rich hue of water. All the lakes are located in the Fann Mountains, but each of them has its own characteristics:

  • Nezhigon – in Tajik the name means “eyelashes,” and for what reason, it is not clear. Because of the strong concentration of calcium and sodium minerals, the water is purple, blue or turquoise in different light. In summer, you can swim here – the water is very warm;
  • Soya – the name of the lake means “shade,” and it is not surprising at all: it is among the high cliffs in constant shade. At different times of the year and weather the water changes its color;
  • Gushor – translated as “watchful”. The lake is surrounded by high cliffs: it is said that snakes used to live here, hence the origin of such a cautionary name. In warm weather, the water is especially transparent and you can see the fish in it;
  • Nofin is an elongated lake that can be reached by a serpentine road. The name translates as “umbilical”: because it is in the center of the lake in relation to the other lakes, and because it has such a characteristic shape. The history of this lake is shrouded in mystery, which tourists are sure to learn about on the tour;
  • Khurdak – the smallest lake, which is called “baby”;
  • Marguzor – the most beautiful, largest and most famous lake of the natural complex. Majestic mountains, blue water, petroglyphs left by primitive people – not for nothing is Marguzor the main “protagonist” of most Tajik folk tales;
  • Khazorchashma is the highest mountain lake, the name of which is translated as “a thousand springs”.

According to legend, the person who bathes in all the lakes will return here again. There is a secret here or not, no one knows exactly, but one thing is clear: after getting acquainted with the beauty of this amazing place, tourists really can not forget about it, and will certainly dream of a speedy return.

Seven Lakes: weather

The lakes are located at the foot of the Fann Mountains: a tropical and sharply continental climate prevails here (depending on the altitude). Summer is classic, lasting from June to September: the average air temperature is 35 ° C. In winter, the area of Seven Lakes is cold and frosty – down to -30 ° C.

Seven Lakes: when is the best time to go?

The best month to visit the Seven Lakes is May. At this time of year, the melted snow flows down from the mountain tops: the lakes become full of water and appear to tourists in all their glory. 

If travelers want to spend a little more time at the lakes, they can pitch a tent in the clearing. But for this, it is worth it to come in summer or in September: in the cold season, such a privilege is not available.

 In the summer months, vacationers can go camping – hiking from lake to lake. However, at this time of year reservoirs are treacherous: water often goes out of banks, so the passage may be closed at all.

Seven Lakes is a picturesque natural monument of Tajikistan and a unique opportunity to experience the culture of the country. If you are interested in the purest lakes of the Asian country, we are happy to tell and show you everything: Minzifa Travel is always waiting for you in e-mail, WhatsApp!

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