Karagiye Depression


Karagiye Depression is a unique and original site in the south-west of Kazakhstan. The name got translated into Kazakh as “a black hollow”. Even though it is not black colour, but with dominating yellow and white, it is considered as one of the lowest points in the world – it reaches 132 meters beneath the sea level.

People say there was used to be a salt lake Batir in place of the hollow some time ago, but now there is only lifeless desert encircled by massive steeps. These areas will allow you to observe the beauty of Kazakh deserts, besides they are found only 50km away from Aktau.

Located in the triangle of wilderness between the roads to Zhanaozen and Kuryk (on the south coast) and this is the shortcut that connects them. The most exciting point in the depression is on its eastern slope, where the area rises abruptly to 200 meters.

Important Facts Which You Should Know Before Visiting Karagiye Depression

You will observe beautiful landscape when moving from Aktau to Munayshy on the South-Eastern road towards Zhanaozen and it also gives a majestic view over the area in clear weather.

You will observe beautiful landscape while moving from Aktau to Munayshy on the South-Eastern road towards Zhanaozen and it also gives a magnificent view over the area in clear weather.

Today the trench highlights many scarps and offsets and creates long rain clouds caused by the air rising above it.

In the southwest of the trench, there is a Vernal lake and a stream arising from a drilled well that disappears back into the ground within the trench.

The hollow, made of soluble limestone, dolomite, and gypsum dissolved forming potholes, funnels, and caves that eventually collapsed.

The Karagiye Depression (Black Hole) and Karakollake (Black Lake) mutually form the Karagiye-Karakol Nature Protection Territory.

The channel is occupied by Corsak, Snakes, Hares, Mouflon, and Vultures. It is the only place within the Mangyshlak plateau where mushrooms grow and are collected by locals.

The long KarakolLake, surrounded by a dense belt of plants, and don’t to be confused with Koshkarkol Lake which is in the north of the town (used for water purification), is on the western edge of the Karagiye Depression, and south of Aktau.

The Mangistau region of Kazakhstan is a remote and rarely visited part of the world. There is no public transportation to the Karagiye Depression. The best way to get there is to hire a vehicle in regional hub, Aktau.

A tour to the Karagiye Depression can be attached with a visit to Beket Ata, Shakpak Ata, the Valley of Balls and Lion’s Mountain, making it a long but an excellent full day excursion.

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