Kazakhstan City Tour


City Tours InKazakhstan is a new, unique, and remarkable Odyssey, that not only gives you to witness its history but also amaze you with its millennium development over the years. This vast country is the ninth-largest in the world as well as the world’s largest land occupied country.

We will take you on an unbelievable City tour in Kazakhstan from the new capital Astana to the old capital Almaty. This tour includes escape through the industrial cities to the most entertainment hub, quirky architecture to historical monuments and experience an unlimited chance to know the local people and find out about their lives, nights out, and even a chocolate factory to round it all off!

Start your City Tours InKazakhstan with Astana city tour admiring the magnificent modern architectures

Astana is a newly emerged a modern city which invites its guests with the blend of east and west traditions like rationality, modernity, and history.During Astana City Tour you will take a closer look at the most insignificant futuristic architectural constructions and monuments of modern capital which is now a must visit tourist destination.

Astana Sightseeing

Over the last 20 years, the metropolis has been jam-packed with extraordinary architecture, and huge apartment blocks to become a developed city. If you’re traveling to Kazakhstan, you will be visiting Almaty, but Astana Sightseeing is a fascinating tour that you can add to your travel list.

Top Astana Sightseeing Options:

The Pyramid of Peace and Accord

The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation contains a centre for Kazakhstan’s plentiful terrestrial and ethnic cultures.

Khan Shatyr

The 150m-tall tent-like structure in Astana is now a major new civic, cultural and social venue for visitors.

The Presidential Palace

Independent Kazakhstan’s new emerging capital has unique architectural collaborations.

Bayterek Tower

This building is 97 meters high, formed like a tree holding an egg, to represent the year that Astana became the capital of Kazakhstan.

What To Expect When You Go Out For A Walking City Tour In Almaty?

Almaty has a lot to offer to its city tourist. Starting from cultural sites to a night at the Opera, quirky museums to city’s fortune tellers. The rich history of this city has revealed with its Cultural sites and archaeological innovations. The ancient city will take you back to the third century BC when you choose a walking Almaty City Tours in Kazakhstan.

The Central State Museum

Walking across the street to visit the Central State Museum, a place to witness is the history of Kazakhstan; from nomadic culture and Bronze Age burials to the transfer of the capital to Astana it has many beautiful artifacts on display.

Fountains Of Almaty

You can visit the amusement park and café and before calling it a day do not forget to take a selfie in front of a Fountain.

Night At The Opera

You would unquestionably like to experience one of the most entertaining night at the opera. This place also bids the occasion to see somewhat you might not have to get at the Royal Opera House.

Shopping Street

The Silk Road has its famed history. It has a legacy of cultural and economic exchange. The busy roads have street shops starting from luxury handcrafts to fashionable dresses.

Almaty City Tour along the streets and avenues will give you a pleasant experience and opportunity to know more about this majestic city closer.

City Tour In Almaty Includes:

  • Monuments & Statues in Almaty‎
  • Museums of Almaty‎
  • Architectural Buildings in Almaty

Dolphinarium Tour:

Kazakhstan Dolphinarium is a modern marine aquatic located in the heart of Almaty. It is currently home to dolphins and northern seals. The Dolphinariuminzifatravel.comour offers its visitors a unique experience to interact with the dolphins and also swim with the friendly aquatic creatures.

The cities of Almaty and Astana are a unique eclectic mix of both, contemporary and traditional cultures.

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