Kazakhstan Cultural Tour

Kazakh holidays invite you into one of the largest holiday countries around the globe. Kazakhstan’s cultural tours are ventures to some of the most beautiful civilizations on Earth. You experience the grandeur of the lovely and beautiful monuments of the serene country. When you visit the country, you come across Kazakh’s nomadic traditions, cuisines, and handicrafts.

Kazakhstan has a nomadic culture. Kazakhstan cultural tour makes you experience an exotic combination of nomadic three C’s – Customs, Cuisine and Creations. Get ready for a hike to spectacular places, shows, eagle hunting lifestyle, rock paintings and much more. Attend the famous AltynEmel National Park, Baikonur Cosmodrome, Charyn Canyon and visit the world’s highest skating rink, Medeo.

Kazakh’s culture is also evident in its buildings and monuments. The Southern part of the country holds the Islamic buildings, such as Khoja AkhmedYasavi Mausoleum, Arystanbab Mosque, and Aisha-Bibi Mausoleum. On the other hand, the capital cities swear by its Russian architecture namely Zenkov Cathedral, Uralsk town, the area of Independence in Shymkent, the house of drama theatre in Almaty, Quay of river Ural and Central mosque in Almaty.

Kazakhstan Historical Tour

There are not many countries with such varied history as Kazakhstan. The land is mingled with groupings from many racial backgrounds mainly Turco-Mongol, coming from the Dzhungar Plateau. To see what the country has in store for you, you must visit some of the places that are most necessary.

Alakol: Situated near Chinese borders, Alakol is an eccentric steppe sea famous for its twin nature; salty in the northeast and fresh in the south. The lake is known to have medicinal features. It is an important stop along the Silk Roads.

Beket Ata’s Mosque: Becket Ata, a famous personality in the 18th Century, is buried in an underground mosque in Oglandy which he called his agonal heaven.

AygayKum: Aygaykum is also known as the Singing Dune by the Kazakh locals as the sand in this region makes sounds similar to a pipe organ or river crafts. However, the origin of the sound is still a mystery to most people.

Zhidebay: Full of historical books and architecture, this place is an abode to Chagatay, Arab, Tatar, Turkish and Farsi languages.

Kazakhstan Architectural Tour

Kazakhstan is an Islamic country. There are as many as 2,300 mosques all over Kazakhstan. Every mosque has a unique style of architecture. The designs deserve a special place in the books of architectural beauties.

Central Mosque, Almaty, is constructed in the Timurid style of architecture filled with Turkish calligraphy, domes, and minarets, accommodating about 7,000 worshippers.

The Hazrat Sultan Mosque is the largest mosque in Central Asia. Around a total of 1,500 workers have been involved in its construction.

Other distinguished buildings include the Mausoleum of Khwaja Ahmed Yasawi, first of the Timurid style mosques, Nur-Astana mosque and Bibi-Khanym Mosque, the oldest of all architectural buildings.

Experience the lovely and beautiful cultures and architectures of the serene country. Let us get you a journey of a lifetime today.

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