Kazakhstan Historical Tour

If we see a nation in central Asia, which has greater prospect then we think of Kazakhstan-the land which is mingled with various racial groupings of Turkic people or in a broader knowledge we can say Turco-Mongol Nations.

The earliest movement of Turkic tribes in the 2nd millennium BC from Mongolian plains entering the country, more known as Dzhungar Plateau – some settled in the region, and some joined with already settled tribes or cousin classes like Scythians shifting them further to westwards and other areas. These Turkic societies continued to move towards westwards around 11th century AD.

These Are Some Places Where You Can Go For Kazakhstan Historical Tour:


The lake near the edge of China which is encircled by the Mountains Dzungarian Alatau. Alakol is an eccentric steppe sea, whose length is around 104 km, and width is 52 km.

It is the best part of the lake and in the fact that the northeastern part of the lake is salty, while the southern part is quite fresh. It has been examined earlier, near the lake, there is a famous Silk Road. At that time bands noted medicinal feature of waters: salty waters fantastically repaired strength and help in improving health.

Beket Ata and Underground Mosque:

In Oglandy, a section of Mangistauskoy region, there is an underground mosque of Becket Ata from the 18th century. Becket Ata, buried in the underground mosque which was his agonal heaven. According to the story Becket Ata lived in Cretaceous rooms, his house consisted of the kitchen and two rooms cut down in a shell stone.


“Singing Sands”- it is a large hill from the sand of bright tones whose height is about 150 meters and the length is around 3 kilometers. This ‘Barkhan’ is placed in the area of Almay region in between peaks of the DzhubgarianAlatau. One of the unique phenomena of barkhan is the sand following the sounds related to a melody of pipe organ and signals of river crafts. These sounds can be detected even when you are several kilometers away.


In the second half of the 19th century, Borovoe became famous as a Resort Place. Today this region is called “a pearl of Kazakhstan” or “Kazakhstan Switzerland”.

At that time, Borovoe was one of the richest and strongest Middle Horde ulus after the invention of the Kazakh Khanate. Borovoe has a valley, called in consideration of the great khan Abylay where today the great stele symbolizes the community of three zhuzs into a single state. There is a granite throne of Abylay Khan, a holy place for the Kazakhs.


The state is the historical-cultural and literary memorial reserve museum of Abay “Zhidebay — Borili”, is situated in Semipalatinsk.

The structural form of the museum kept its initial image. In five rooms and three halls of the museum, there are elements which were carried by relatives and friends of Abya, they are books in Persian, Turkish, Russian, and in Arab linguistics.

This is kept in the east institutions to keep the Muslim spirit. Also, there are antique books and manuscripts in Chagatay, Arab, Tatar, Turkish, and Farsi languages.

So, these were some places in Kazakhstan historical tour where you can go and appreciate their early works. If you need any help planning your tour, then get in touch with us!

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