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This country is known for its lovely and astounding places, but its capital city, Astana, is making waves with a surrealist skyline. When the administration moved the capital to this tiny city on the northern prairie in 1997, which was a small outpost. But nowadays, the skies are full of sparkle with obscurely-tilted glass and with twisted gold towers.

Kazakhstan architectural tour has invited visitants to see star designers like Norman Foster and KishoKurokawa to reinvent Astana’s look, converting the city into urban scenery that makes you sense a little bit like you have moved forward in time.

Let’s Talk About Aktau:

Almost all streets inside the town have no titles, and addresses in Aktau usually consist of three numbers: the building number, the district number, and the apartment number. This because Aktau, was radically designed a camp for the operators of the oil industry.

These Are Some Of The Kazakhstan Architectural Tour Places:

Khan Shatyr

This large circus tent-looking is a structure of a great shopping mall and of an entertainment center. Created by British engineer Norman Foster, the Khan Shatyr’s quilted cloth roof keeps the internal temperature at a mild( 25-30°C) year-round, which makes visitors a pleasant situation in which they can savor the artificial beach, with sand carried from the Maldives.


The house is kind of curved, Astana’s catch-all Palace of the Arts, which involves a school of excellent designs, performance spaces and a library and lecture and exhibition halls. The Shabyt’s appearance has led some people to call it the Dog Bowl.

Golden Towers

The Two big golden glass pillars flank the way to the Presidential Palace (Orynbor St) in true surrealist beauty. The locals have named this golden pair as the beer cans, probably ruining some of the shining glory. They were intended to achieve when they got built just after Astana was stated, as the capital of Kazakhstan, in1998.

Bayterek Tower

People of Kazakhstan say that Kazakhstan’s President, Nursultan Nazarbayev, depicted the plan for Bayterek tower on a cocktail napkin. Whether it is true or not, the tower is shrouded in myth: it’s meant to express a mythical egg in a mythical tree. The tower has become the sign of Astana and a sight to observe – and it can be seen from most of the place in Astana.


The little ball at the top of the tower symbolizes the sun, with a Kazakh plain eagle flying below. The AkOrda presidential houses are the departments of Kazakhstan’s president (though not his residence).


Baikonur is very popular all over the planet because of its launching section for spacecraft or cosmodrome, the place of several spacefaring achievements like the launch of the first manned orbital flight by Yuri Gagarin, the first operational ICBM, and the launch of Sputnik.

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