Kazakhstan Extension Tour


Shymkent And Turkestan:

The southern part of the country consists of some of the oldest and the most important monuments of cultural significance. Turkestan houses the oldest and historic town while Shymkent is popular for its old-style streets and spots. The places consist of some of the cheapest bazaars in all of Kazakhstan and are popular among foreign tourists. Some of the must-visit restaurants include Blinchiki, Caravan Caf’, and KafeAspan; all budget friendly and different in their own way. Recursion includes Ken Baba park and Abay Park which have their own unique ways to soothe the eye.


Most popular among nature lover, the Antyl-Emel National Park boasts of the varied flora and fauna in addition to the different landscapes that give the mind the peace it needs. The “Singing Dunes” is what makes the Park famous all over the world. The name itself tells you what it is all about. The colorful Aktau and Katutau Hills is nothing sort of an earthy rainbow. For the petroglyph lovers, Terekty provides the necessary vibes and Besshatry, with its Scythian tombs, provides the pictures you’ll need to post.

Turgen Gorge:

Unlike usual gorges, Turgen Gorge ends up into alpine meadows. Full of adventure and beautiful scenery, you are sure to be in awe of the place. With lots of waterfalls to choose from, the most beautiful includes Turgen Waterfalls, The Bear Waterfalls, The Kayraksky Waterfalls and The Rocky Waterfalls. “The Fountain of youth” or Kiel-Spring of Bulak contains crystal, clear, cold and delicious waters. Give fishing a try at the Rainbow Trout housing rainbow-colored salmon, Osman and eat fried fish for lunch. With Issyk Lake, Assy Plateau and Turgen Forests also in the area, you get to see all of the water and animal kingdoms.

Tamgaly Rock Carvings:

Recognised by the UNESCO in the World Heritage List, the 4000 years old Tamgaly petroglyphs are extraordinary and spectacular. The place contains more than 5000 petroglyphs and in numerous carvings and paintings that evidence of the living that resided here. Ancient tombs, stone enclosures, and costs add up to the already extravagant site. Visit Tamgaly and share a walk with history.

Burabay National Park:

Once you land at Burabay National Park, you can feel the touch of John Denver’s country songs. Mountains, pine trees and greenery all over, it is sure to make you sing to the tunes of nature. The place also gets snow during winters which makes it a hotspot at the time. There are a total of 14 big lakes and innumerable small lakes sprinkled here and there. The most prominent are Lake Bolshoye and MaloyeChebachie, Lake Shychie and Lake Borovoye. Consisting of 757 varieties of herbs, shrubs, grasses, and trees, and 305 species of animals, the National Park is sure a fun treat to watch.

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