Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Combined Tours

The Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan combined tour is a tour, full of exotic sceneries and adventure. Combined tours are always fascinating and fabulous. You will meet new people from all around the world & you’ll have fun doing adventurous stuff together.


Uzbekistan is the biggest city in Central Asia Start from the Chimgan Mountains.Ride in Beldersay Gorge to Kumbel peakthen take a look at the longest ski track. Take a walk in mountain area. Continue to the shore of Charvakreservoir, surrounded by green mountain flanks.

Then, go for the sightseeing tour in the capital of Uzbekistan, the biggest city in Central Asia. Then visit the Khast Imam complex, this is the place where the worlds famous Quran, holy book has been preserved. Then go to visit and enjoy the ChorsuBazaar.

Then go for sightseeing in Khiva, and after finishing the sightseeing in Khiva go for thetour in Bukhara.

Then visit toSitoraiMokhiKhosa, the summer residence of Bukhara’s last emir. Then travel to Samarkand.

After arriving in Samarkand go for the sightseeing tour of the place.


You should start your tour from the never sleeping city of Kazakhstan, Almaty.

Almaty Is The Never Sleeping City Of Kazakhstan.

Start from visit the Green Bazaar, one of the most famous places for townspeople, where it is probably impossible to refrain from shopping.

Then you continue your tour to one of the oldest Almaty parks, Panfilov Park. Here you will see one of the most exotic wooden buildings in the world called Zenkov Cathedral.

After the sightseeing of the cultural and business places of the city get to the Medeo Gorge, this is the highest mountain skating rink in the whole world.

Then visit the famous Kok-Tobe hill where the world’s tallest TV tower is located.

Then take a flight to Baikonur the most famous place in the world.

The Famous Place Baikonur

Baikonur is very famous all over the world because of its launching site for spacecraft or cosmodrome, the place of many spacefaring achievements like the first operational ICBM, the launch of Sputnik and the launch of the first manned orbital flight by Yuri Gagarin. Baikonur makes for a fabulous vacation for this rocket launch facility is used for launching spaceships and satellites from all around the world.

When you visit Baikonur, you should go for the Soyuz launch tour at BaikonurCosmodrome, a unique experience where you will see a manned rocket launch.

Roam the whole Baikonur city, where you should visit the Museum of BaikonurCosmodrome History, a memorial to rocketeers, Yuri Gagarin monument & local squares. Stop at Soyuz rocket model.

Visit the BaikonurCosmodrome and the memorializing houses of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, and Sergei Korolev, a pillar of practical astronautics and lead Soviet rocket engineer during 1950-1966.

Then go for some more sightseeing and then leave for the unique city, Astana the capital of Kazakhstan.

The Unique City Astana

Astana is unique because it is a unique symbiosis of east and west traditions and history.

After arrival to Astana go for some fabulous sightseeing of historical monuments and the most significant architectural constructions. You must visit the Khan Shatyr a unique shopping and entertainment center.

Then visit the famous Astana-Baiterek monument and go for more sightseeing and enjoy the tour. If you want more information about the combined tour then,Call us/ visit us/ contact us.

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