Kyrgyzstan Group Tour

Despite being a small country in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan certainly is one of the most developing nations in the continent with mostly Muslim population and Turkic language. This beautiful land invites tourist with its beautiful mountains, and tourist attractions include Alpine nature, fresh air and water, and very friendly people.

This country has a great tourist potential and projecting high rates of development. People around the world have shown a great interest to visit this historic land. While choosing for the best of Kyrgyzstan Tour is a group tour that includes accommodation in a hotel as well as meals, transport and also can be customise according to your desire.

What Is The Best Place To Visit In Kyrgyzstan?

Issyk Kul Lake

The beautiful lake attracts people with its stunning view and suitable environment for trekking and hiking. The marvellous look of the lake makes it very popular in Kyrgyzstan as well as all over the world.

Mt. Sulaiman-Too

This World Heritage Site is located in the city of Osh and was once an important place of Muslim pilgrimage. The huge rocks rise from the adjoining plains of the Fergana Valley. The splendid view and location has made the site popular among locals and visitors.

Ala too square

This massive statue of Lenin placed in the square’s center in Bishkek is worth a mention. You can also visit some of the near attractions like Chuy Prospekt, administrative buildings and monuments around the square include the State History Museum.

Sary chelek reserve

This Nature Reserve is located in Jalal-Abad Region in western Kyrgyzstan. This is the most beautiful attraction in Central Asia. The lake and surrounding biosphere is a habitat for thousands rare mammals and plants. For Kyrgyzstan Group Tour it is a great place to observe nature and go hiking.

Lenin Peak

This peak is considered to be one of the easiest mountains and stretches over 7000m in former Soviet Union and is the most popular destination for group tours to grab the thrill of climbing, hiking & mountaineering.

Tash rabat

Explore the extremely isolated Silk Road connecting the well-preserved 15th century stone caravanserai which is located in Bashy district, Naryn Province, Kyrgyzstan at an altitude of 3,200 meters.

Ala archa gorge National Park

The National Park is an alpine national park in the Tian Shan Mountain range of Kyrgyzstan. It invites its visitors with its scenic view and gives a proper weather for camping and hiking with your group.

Russian orthodox cathedral

Witness one of the autocephalous Eastern Orthodox churches which is full communion with other Eastern Orthodox patriarchates is worth visiting.

Canyon Fairy Tale

These red colored differently shaped rocks are located on the southern shore of Lake Issyk Kul and 4 KM from the village of Tosor. The surrounding villages will definitely grab your attention with their multi culture and awesome cousin. You should spend some quality time with your family or group members.What are the Kyrgyzstan Group Tour activity you should never miss?

  • While travelling with the group in Kyrgyzstan it always suggested to have some quality time of yours and some caution from your side as well.
  • Explore Soviet Architecture
  • Hunt Down the City of Parks
  • Get Lost in the Markets & Bazaars of Karakol
  • Visit the Big Bazaar, the largest open market in the city
  • Buy some fruit and veg, spices, clothes and hair accessories, jewelleries
  • Discover Dungan Culture in Yrdyk
  • Explore the community-based tourism.
  • Explore the world’s best cousin like Ashlan Fu, Lagman, Soups, beef and beetroot, as well as solyanka, Dried Fish, Kumis.
  • Do no forget to go for Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering
  • Breath in fresh air

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