Life is too short not to visit Uzbekistan!


In 21st century the tourism industry develops rapidly that we more and more often hear about such countries as Italy, Spain, Germany, France, but in this address I want to tell you about one more direction. It is very familiar, seemingly native, but still not studied Uzbekistan. Many people are familiar with expressions such as “Tashkent is the Bread City”, “Uzbek Girl has 25 plaits” and “Delicious Uzbek Melons” since childhood, but it’s time to get to know it all a little better. In this article I will try to show you few reasons why you must visit Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan is a country which is situated in the heart of Central Asia, a heart which is always open for everyone. This is only one reason and further we will speak about several more reasons to visit Uzbekistan.

Coming to Uzbekistan you get an impression that you never left your native environment, because almost all the people speak Russian. This creates easy communication and helps to get rid of the language barrier, because it is always nice to talk to aksakals in a quiet street with a cup of flavored tea. It is always interesting to wander through the streets and get acquainted with everyday life of Uzbek cities. And to accidentally become the guest of an Uzbek family. After all, real life is far from the tourist routes, unhurried, ordinary, painfully unfamiliar to us. Safety is one of the advantages of Uzbekistan.

Going deeper into the subject of tourism, we can say that this country can surprise even the most sophisticated visitor. After all, the ancient architecture, its monumentality and unusual forms, its elegance and beauty, the play of colors and glare of the sun together form one oriental carpet. Of course everyone knows about the Eiffel Tower, everyone has heard about the Tower of Pisa, but have you heard about the beauty of Bukhara Minaret? The Samarkand madrassahs? Which excite the minds of visitors from all over the world. Being under the dome of an architectural masterpiece you inadvertently wonder and draw conclusions about the rich history of this land, concealing the events of 3 thousand years.

The great general Alexander the Great said about this land that everything he heard about it – all true, the only difference is that it is much more beautiful than he had imagined.

Rich history and beautiful architecture – this is a feature of many tourist destinations, but there are little features that create a pleasant experience when you visit a country. It is these little features that make Uzbekistan stand out.

Easy movement between the cities by high-speed comfortable trains, wide avenues, large squares, no crowds of tourists like in European countries, which allows you to get acquainted with the architectural masterpieces and feel their soul.

A separate line in the item of advantages of Uzbekistan is the affordability of prices. The abundance and variety of goods in the bright and rich Uzbek bazaars, imbued with the smell of spices and philosophies of the ages, are an integral part of the historical past of the country. After all, all the largest cities of Uzbekistan were in a single chain of the Great Silk Road and even stood at the crossroads.

To put it in banal terms how you can distinguish an Uzbek in the crowd is a man with a modest smile,

Summarizing all the aforesaid we can make a conclusion that Uzbekistan is a country with rich history, with monumental architecture, with ancient traditions interwoven with modern life, with noisy bazaars and swift rivers. All this creates impression of bright beauty of eastern fairy tale, but the main beauty of Uzbekistan is its people, modest, always smiling, hastening to help at any time. One of the ancient traditions of the Uzbek people is to greet people by putting your hand on their hearts. This gesture is not a formality, in fact, this is how these people treat you.

In Uzbekistan, very often in noisy companies among guests like to tell the legend about how God divided the earth among all the nations, and in this crowd of people gathered was an Uzbek, very friendly and polite, he let everyone through and said: “Please come in”, the last in line, and when it was the turn of an Uzbek, then God told him “You were so polite, that I no longer have land left, I have to give you a piece of paradise”.

Author: Shukhrat Kodirov

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