Pamir Highway Group Tour

A trip out to the Pamirs is an assured off the beaten path adventure while in Tajikistan. There’s no shortage of enthusiasm, twists and turns over these ranges. The countless escapades up the side valleys leading off the Pamir Highway offer a complete package of fun and adventure to its visitors.

What Do You See On Your Pamir Highway Group Tour?

Mentioned Below Are Some Of The Best Sites You Get To See On Your Group Tour To The Pamir Highway.

Soothing turquoise mountain lakes

The Pamirs are home to high altitude mountain backdrops complemented by numerous beautiful lakes.

Stoned Silk Road Fortresses

The Wakhan Valley is dotted by numerous, diverse biblical Silk Road fortresses that date back to the Kingdom of Kushan.

Icy Pinnacles

There’s no shortage of mountains in the GBAO region of Tajikistan. 93% of Tajikistan is covered by beautiful white mountain peaks. The Pamir Mountain range is home to innumerable peaks that reach over 6000 meters above sea level and two prominent peaks that are over 7,000 meters above sea level.

Lunar landscapes

Higher over the high plateau in the Eastern Pamir region you can easily notice the lack of trees and increasing space-like scenery. The shores of Lake Karakul with the Khargush Pass in its backdrop turns out to be one of the most spectacular views of the mountain ranges. The Pamir Highway looks like a place beyond the world.

Epic Group Road Trips

The “Roof Of The World” as it is known to the Pamiris or Bami-Dunya or the Pamir Highway is said to be the mother of all road trips. One of the world’s grandest and most magnificent adventures whether you drive it or cycle it, the Pamir Highway is surely not going to disappoint you.

The highway offers its visitors high altitude mountain passes dotted with Kyrgyz yurt camps and Pamiri settlements that are surrounded by icy mountain peaks.

Apart from the beautiful backdrop, there are amazing side group tours that you can take from the Pamir Highway. The list mentions a few of them

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