Silk Road Adventure Holiday

The time period “Silk road”, even though coined in the nineteenth century through a German explorer, conjures up a romantic generation while caravans of camels, horses, and mules transported the whole thing from jade and gunpowder to rhubarb and, silk among China and the Levant.

Travel through the footsteps of the ancient discoverer of the world-famous trade route the “Silk Road” and collect some finest experience to add on to your Silk Road Adventure Holiday.

Pack Before You Go:

pack a hat, light clothes, and sunblock – the warminzifatravel.comh and the UV sunglass can be fierce inside the mountains, steppes, and deserts, even in cooler seasons. Double-test your documents to ensure cover includes all of the nations you plan to go to.


Undertaking a unique trip of a lifetime along the Silk Road from Beijing to Istanbul

Journeying through Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan

Visiting more than 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Experiencing the incredible diversity of the region from mountains and deserts to grasslands and fertile river valleys

Seeing some of the world’s finest architectural and cultural gems

Meeting the many different ethnic groups who live along the old trade routes

Outdoor Activity While On Silk Road Adventure Holiday:

Horse driving: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia

snowboarding: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Rafting and kayaking: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan

trekking, mountaineering, cycling and mountain biking (as a pastime), paragliding, fishing, camel trekking, birding, botany & flora, and fauna

Cultural activities: meals & cooking, art & museums, metropolis visits, structure, stuff kids like, rural tour, meeting exceptional cultures, markets & buying, arts & crafts, song & dance, spectator sports

rest: beach vacations, spa hotels

Places To Cover


Almaty place: Kazakhstan’s maximum first-rate metropolis, sat on your doorstep of a mountain range. beyond, a landscape safari beckons.

The South: Medieval mausoleums, and countrywide parks sheltering tulips, birds, mountains, and bears

The North: Kazakhstan’s brash new capital stands in stark contrast to modest Altai

The West: Oil cities and stark desolate tract landscapes, that is a geologist’s dream


Issyk-Kul vicinity: Issyk-Kul and the mountains surrounding it have the entirety you want for a wonderful outside excursion with a cultural contact.

The North: Bishkek and the mountains around. no one goes to Talas (but).

The South: Osh is the second one capital and the gateway to China, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Arslanbob is a spotlight and beyond, there’s greater beautiful mountain scenery to experience.

The middle: A huge mountainous area. song Kul is the megastar enchantment. past, plenty greater mountains, lakes, yurts, and jailoos.


Pamirs: The Pamir motorway winds its way via landscapes from every other planet

Karotegin: Dushanbe and round + the Garm valley

Sughd: Khujand, Penjikent, 7 Lakes, Fann mountains and Iskanderkul

Khatlon: a special Tajikistan: hot, flat, however additionally nature and records

Turkmenistan: a place like no different

Turkmenistan isn’t well-known as a travel destination. Until now, the main reasons for traveling were the tough visa technique, the amazing marble capital of Ashgabat and the flaming gas crater called the Door to Hell.


central Uzbekistan: Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva, and Tashkent. live with locals within the Nuratau mountains and Kyzylkum desert.

Ferghana Valley: Silk from Margilan& ceramics from Rishton. A traditional heartland.

Qaraqalpaqstan: the Aral Sea, Savitsky museum, and the fortresses of Khorezm.

The South: Buddhist relics, and a village culture nestled in inexperienced uplands to escape the blazing summertime warmness.

Xinjiang: A small guide to manual you through the security apparatus.

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