Souvenirs from Uzbekistan: what to bring friends?

Souvenirs from Uzbekistan

Traveling to Uzbekistan is impossible to forget: it is a bright, colorful and authentic country, memories of which one wants to keep forever. And every tourist is sure to want to share their impressions with friends, and for these very handy unusual souvenirs.

In Uzbekistan, tourists will not have a question “Well, what to bring? The only question travelers will have to answer is “How can I fit all this in my suitcase? And if you have a limited budget/luggage/time, and to buy up the entire market of the Asian country is not possible, as a souvenir for friends, look at:

  • Uzbek ceramics. Uzbeks have an amazing rule – to decorate everything around them. That is why you will not find an ordinary monochrome plate in Uzbekistan – only painted dishes, a real work of art. On most of the cups and bowls are drawn circles, about the meaning of which market vendors will tell every tourist;
  • sweets. Almost all confectionery Uzbeks make from natural products. Rakhat-lukum and baklava, halva and urama, parvarda and khashtak, it would be a great crime not to try sweets in Uzbekistan. While you are visiting this Asian country, try all the delicacies and whatever you like most of all, bring it back to your friends too;
  • spices. Yes, you can buy salt, pepper and ground garlic at any Russian market. But in the Uzbek Republic, spices are treated differently. Banach and zira, coriander and turmeric, paprika and cumin – forget about “or” and take everything and more. A nice bonus is a beautiful gift wrapping that makes the gift look even more interesting;
  • Carpets. These are unique items that craftswomen create with their own hands. The rug itself is made from wool, and the pattern is made from silk threads. Of the features – a bright brick shade. Such a rug will decorate a room in any style and become its main accent.

If you are in Tashkent, go to Chorsu market. If you come to Samarkand, hurry to Siyab bazaar. If you visit Bukhara, don’t forget to check out the Old City. Forget about strolling through the big shopping malls and enjoy the colorful Uzbekistan with local markets and bazaars. If you have decided for an unforgettable trip, write or call Minzifa Travel at, WhatsApp. We are always in touch!

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