Tamgaly Rock Carvings


The World Heritage List of UNESCO, have included the 4000 years old Tamgalypetroglyphs that depict rock art of Zhetisu on their monuments. Similar looking petroglyphs found in Kyrgyzstan, China, India, Pakistan and Tibet are however less spectacular.

The main canyon has 5000 petroglyphs. But, there are numerous carvings on the side canyons as well. The petroglyphs mostly belong to the Bronze Age.

Tamgaly in the local Kazakh and other Turkish language means “a painted or marked place”.

The carvings have been separated into seven main groups and are connected by rough footsteps to make them accessible to people.

Most of the rock carvings lay unexplored.The best ones are bizarre and depict ‘sun head’ gods. These carvings in the local language are known as ‘the images of the disguised ‘.

You find wonderful steppe scenery dotted with unusual flora, bleating sheep and camels en route Tamgaly.

Tamgaly is a rocky valley with black flint rocks protruding on both sides.

The rock carvings depict animals and fertility rituals of humans and goats.

A kurgan graces the entrance of the valley and ends into flat steppes.

The Tamgaly Valley was used by Sakh people as the burial ground for leaders.

You can also find ancient tombs, stone enclosures and cists in this area. The local people of the valley assume that the central canyons were altars for sacrificial offerings.

The Tamgaly petroglyphs with natural and cultural features, hold a high degree of authenticity. All the important cultic centre components are clear and distinct.

The Tamgaly petroglyphs and rocks carvings that lay within the archaeological landscapes of Tamgaly Valley have all the important natural and cultural features intact.

These rocks have well preserved cultural layers that represent evident stages of development of the central cult of this region.

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