The Mosque and the Rules for Visiting It (9 Rules)

Mosque and Rules of Attendance

The Mosque and the Rules for Visiting It (9 Rules)

Tourists who come to Central Asia should definitely know what a mosque is and the rules for visiting it. A mosque is a prayer house for Muslims. The word mosque in Arabic means “to fall down,” that is, it is a place of worship or a place of prayer where Muslims can worship God during their prayers. The interior decoration of the prayer space of a mosque should not distract the praying person from his or her activities. Therefore, there are no paintings on the interior walls of the building. The only thing they can be decorated with sayings from the Quran. Since the mosque is not just a place where visitors and tourists come, but a place where people come to pray, it is necessary to adhere to the requirements of visiting the mosque.
Mosque and its rules are not prescribed anywhere as a law, but when you come to Central Asia and go on an excursion to a mosque, try to adhere to them. So, the most important rule is that you should not visit the mosque while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Your clothes while visiting the mosque should cover your shoulders and knees. No tight silhouettes, bright colors, short shorts or skirts.
  • It is advisable for women visiting the mosque to remove their hair under a kerchief.
  • Shoes should be removed before entering the hall for prayers.
  • A person performs the ritual ablution of the feet before entering the prayer hall.
  • If you enter the mosque during prayer, try not to disturb it with your actions or a loud conversation, laughter, etc.
  • No eating or drinking in the mosque
  • It is not allowed to take photos of people performing prayers or footwashing
  • Men and women may enter the mosque from different sides and pray in separate rooms
  • Animals must not be brought into the mosque.

For tourists who know what a mosque is and the rules for visiting it, a tour of such sights will only be a pleasure. Not only will they be able to enjoy the views, but they will also be able to pay respect to the culture and people whose country they are visiting.

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