The Most (Best) Gifts And 1001 Souvenirs From Uzbekistan!


What do we bring home from our travels? The spirit of adventure, emotions and gifts, small souvenirs that will bring us back to wonderful places, to give us pleasant impressions again, to give birth to warm memories in our minds.

Souvenirs and gifts from Uzbekistan

What can you bring from Uzbekistan?

We can assure you that everything you want to take with you from this sunny land will never fit even into the biggest suitcase! There are so many wonderful and astonishing things to take with you!

Look at embroidered skullcaps, articles of embossing and ceramics, home textiles, clay figurines, various averters, incense, jewelry, and much more. Each item, each piece is a work of art, created with heart, with great love for their craft and unsurpassed skill.

National art jewelry

For connoisseurs of ethnicity the souvenir shops of Uzbekistan are a paradise! The decorations made of silver, wood, bone, different stones are handmade, have national coloring and historical spirit.

Massive bracelets will please not only the young fashionistas, earrings with big stones will suit every taste, and necklaces and beads will conquer anyone. There are sophisticated pieces for girls, with a slight oriental flavor, as well as gifts for men.
Trade of unique accessories for gadgets is especially brisk: bags, covers for tablets, phones, computers, key chains and various jewelry with picturesque national ornaments.

Decorative pillows

Decorative Suzani cushions, rolls, Ikat cushions of different colors, textures and sizes will at first dazzle you with their variety. But then, when you come to your senses you will suddenly see the one (or two!) that you’ve been looking for all your life!

Such a gift is also practical, it can transform any interior and give you comfort and coziness.


National headgear of Uzbekistan is a cooler gift than the flag of the country you visited. After all, you can only add it to your collection of souvenirs. Tyubeteika can be worn with pride. Patterns and ornaments are not only aesthetically appealing, but also tell a whole story of the region and become a talisman. Here you need the advice of an expert in selecting such a souvenir. And who better than a master knows all the secrets? Friendly people will always tell you a lot of interesting things and help you make the right choice.

Carpet weaving

Carpet weaving is recognized as national handicraft in the republic and government takes an active part in its development. Bukhara hand made decorative carpets are famous all over the world, but there are many other no less beautiful carpets. The choice is endless, both in color, texture, size and material.


Singing Uzbek bowls, made by masters using a very secret technology, are a very special gift for many. Uzbek ceramics are extraordinarily beautiful in any form, be it tableware, kitchenware, toys, decorative elements. The famous Rishtan ceramics will make a great gift even for the royalty.

Carved articles

Wood carvings decorate many of the country’s architectural and historical monuments, as well as exquisite boxes of different shapes, louches, pencil cases, accessories for gadgets and interior decor elements. It is like a little piece of ancient history of ancient cities.

Musical instruments

Buy a nai, doiru, tor or rubab and you take with you a piece of the sounds of this country. In addition, the national musical instrument will give the interior a colorful oriental style. Choose the instrument not in the hope to learn how to play it (though who knows), but as a piece of the country you’ve been to, close to your soul.

Khan atlas

This oriental wonder has been capturing the hearts of people for centuries. Find out the story of the birth of the Khan atlas from the local merchants and many other stories as well! This is interesting! Han-atlas clothing and home textiles are luxurious! Words are not needed here, let your gaze enjoy its beauty, touch its cool tenderness.

National clothing and embroidery

Velvet robes look majestic, decorated with embroidery and fringe. Beautiful dresses are elegant and comfortable. Headdresses are beautiful and versatile. Eastern shoes are exotic. Choose a gift according to your taste and preferences and enjoy its beauty and comfort.

The riches of sunny Uzbekistan is indescribable. Come and feel for yourselves their extraordinary energy and beauty. Our company organizes tours to Uzbekistan with individual and group programs. We shall take upon ourselves all organizational matters, and you are welcome to enjoy it!

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