Things To Do In Kunya-Urgench

Nearly 100 kilometres from the city of Dashoguz (480 km from Ashgabat) is situated the antiquated city of Kunya-Urgench (Old Urgench). Today this antiquated settlement is the state historical and cultural reserve with the region of around 640 hectares (made in 1985).

The name of the city of Urgench is expressed in the historical backdrop of Central Asia with gold letters. Toward the finish of the tenth century Urgench ( formerly Gurgandzh) was the capital of the gigantic and thriving Khorezmshakh state which involved the whole zone of the Amu Darya delta in northern Turkmenistan and western Uzbekistan.

Here’s is a list of things to do in Kunya – Urgench.

The Savitsky Museum and Aral Sea Tour

While in Turkmenistan, the romantic landscapes of the Aral Sea and the round the globe famous Savitsky Art Museum can not be missed. The sea complemented with the unique collection of pictures of Russian avant-gardists of the XX century are bound to draw the attraction of the visitors. The museum can be reached by travelling to Karakalpakstan from Kunya Urgench.

Door-to-Hell at Night Tour

(The Darvaza gas crater through Karakum desert in the Erbent village)

The Darvaza is a surreal natural gas crater that is almost the size of an American football field and has been burning and lit since then. The crater creates the most beautiful view during the dark hours, i.e during the nights. The crater has been ablaze since 1971 and has never smoked out since then. Visitors can explore the unblemished, untarnished and spotless Karakum as the dinner gets cooked in the camp. Karakum is the hottest desert recorded in Central Asia.

The northern part of the Kunya Urgench will bring you to the capital city of the ancient Khorzem Empire. The Empire has witnessed not less than 2000 years of the glorios history of the country. Camping beside the burning crater is an experience not to be missed in life. Book your tour now.

Private Kunya-Urgench Tours and Exclusive Weekend Trips

Some of the best sights at Kunya Urgench include-


The Kunya-Urgench tours will introduce you to an architectural reserve where visitors can see the ruins of the capital of historical Khorezm.

Minaret of Kutlug Timur

The minaret is the most important site of the city. The 62-meter tall minaret of Kutlug Timur, is till date the highest monument in all of Central Asia.

Kunya Urgench Necropolis

The necropolis lies not far from the city. The place is believed to be the burial ground of 360 Muslim saints who were students of the Prophet Mohammad.

The UNESCO World Heritage list has number of Kunya Urgench monuments in the well deserved list.

Visit Khiva and the Itchan Kala Fortress

Kunya Urgench was the capital city of the Khorezmshakh State. However, change in the path of the Amu Darya River led to its abandonment and later Khiva was announced as the new capital of the state.

Kunya Urgench remained an extremely favourable geographical location-the intersection of two noteworthy caravan routes: toward the east, to China, and from the south – toward the northwest, to the Volga. Such position unavoidably impacts the city’s development rate and it did develop, rapidly expanding and transforming into a genuine centre of civilization. Call us or visit our website to learn more about the things to do in Kunya Urgench and to book your tour now.

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