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Gumbez Manasa tour

All Central Asian countries are shrouded in incredible mysteries and legends that attract tourists from all over the world and add color to the countries. Kyrgyzstan is no exception. See for yourself with Minzifa Travel!

What to see in Gumbez Manas?

It is a historical and cultural complex that preserves the story of the epic hero Manas: in volume and significance, this epic is comparable to the Illiad and the Odyssey. According to one of the legends, his tomb is located here.

The complex belongs to the landmarks of the Silk Road times and dates back to 1334. The medieval architectural complex is further away from the trade routes and surrounded by mountains and trees.

Who exactly built the complex is unknown. According to one legend, it was erected by Sementei, the son of a hero, after transporting the body of a bogatyr to his homeland. Another version says that the complex was erected by order of Manas’ wife. The woman spared nothing for the memory of her husband and invited masters from the cities of Uzbekistan to erect the monument. The hero’s wife was afraid of attracting the attention of enemies, so she ordered to write the name of a rich stranger on the monument.

Many years later it was found out that Gumbez Manas is not the grave of the hero, but only a monument. The Kirghiz believe that Manas’ wife was a woman of wisdom, and therefore buried his remains in the rocks.

In 1970 the monument was restored: it is a portal-type structure. The main facade is covered with ornamental plates and decorated with a hipped dome. The slabs are covered with floral ornamentation, so similar to the national Kyrgyz drawings. Especially beautiful the composition looks in a cloudy weather. The construction of Gumbez Manas strongly influenced the architecture of Kyrgyzstan and later on most of the buildings were erected in the same style.

Next to the mausoleum there is a lapidarium with stone tools and petroglyphs from different eras. Upon arrival, it is definitely worth visiting the alley of monuments dedicated to the heroes of the epic. On it there is a statue of Manas on a hill and horsemen.

The complex includes a museum of the epic Manas and a historical institute. But of particular interest to tourists is the yurt, where you can listen to the epic being performed by akyns. Part of the complex is a large park and the Karaulnaya Mountain.

When is the best time to go to the Gumbez Manasa complex?

The Talas Valley, where the historical complex is located, is colder than other regions of the country. The climate is arid, continental, in January the thermometer goes down to -9 ° C, and in summer rises to +30 ° C. In spring and autumn it is warm, there is almost no wind and rain, a lot of sunny days.

Since Gumbez Manasa is a historical and cultural monument, which is revered by all local residents and tourists, the Kyrgyz do their best to get acquainted with one of the main shrines was available at any time of the year. And indeed you can come to the complex in any weather, but the most preferable time is from May to October.

Gumbez Manasa is one of the few and main monuments of Kyrgyzstan. There are so many amazing legends about the Manas Ordo complex, which both locals and tour guides are willing to share. Get ready to cry your eyes out and laugh until you cry – Kyrgyzstan has an amazing energy, which is impossible not to feel. If you have any questions, please contact Minzifa Travel on WhatsApp, e-mail We always welcome your calls!

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